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5 Fall Fishing Tips from Ish Monroe

5 Fall Fishing Tips from Ish Monroe

Our good friend and professional angler, Ish Monroe, has some great tips for fishing in fall that we wanted to share today, so here we go...take it away Ish!Tip #1 Follow the BaitBecause fish don't feed much during the winter, they fill up on baitfish and crawdads in fall. Follow the bait t find the fish.Tip #2 Match the Bait and SizeWhen the water starts to cool, baitfish move to the backs of creeks and to the top of the water column, which allows you to see the size of the bait. Pick a lure that matches the size of the baitfish. If you can’t see baitfish look for crawdads and use a matching jig color.

Tip #3 Fish Fast and Keep MovingFish are migrating. Use electronics like the Lowrance HDS with Insight Genesis to locate them. If the fish are in the backs of creeks, make sure you fish as many backs of creeks as you can. If they're on points, find more points to fish.Tip #4 Pay Attention to WeatherOn windy days fish the River2Sea Bling spinnerbait or Biggie series crankbait (both featured in past Mystery Tackle Boxes) or a swimbait. On cloudy or rainy days you can’t beat a topwater frog, walk-the-dog bait, or prop bait. On sunny or calm days I love fishing the Missile Baits Fuse on Warlock Head till I find fish. Then, I switch to a River2Sea Junk Grenade Jig with a Missile Baits D Bomb for a bigger bite.Tip #5 Use the Right Line for your BaitI use braid for all my topwater baits because it floats and gives topwater baits the correct action. I use fluorocarbon on worms and jigs because it has less stretch, which means better hook ups. Plus, it sinks so the bait gets to the strike-zone faster. I use monofilament for reaction baits because it stretches and allows the fish to get the bait in its mouth better before you feel 'em!For more great tips from Ish Monroe, make sure to check out his website at or follow him on Twitter.

Updated September 25th, 2020 at 3:51 AM CT