5 Must-Own Fishing Products For 2016

For most anglers the new year bring renewed excitement towards fishing. A new year means another chance at topping your personal best or catching a new species or learning a new technique. And, of course, it also means new fishing products to try! Here are some of the must-own fishing products for 2016:

Deeper FishFinder

  • Deeper_FF_Web

Why we love it:

  • Award-winning castable fish finder lets anglers find fish from the bank or a boat!
  • Beautiful app interface that works on both Apple and Android phones.
  • Easy to operate and priced at a great value.

Perfect for anglers who love technology and want to improve their fishing skills.

The more you know about the body of water you are fishing, the more fish you will catch. The Deeper FishFinder gives anglers amazing insights about the water they are fishing in ways never possible from shore or boats without expensive electronics.

This castable fish finder pairs with your mobile device (iPhone or android tablet or mobile phone) and gives anglers valuable information such as water temperature, bottom composition, weather history, fish location and size, plus much more. This is the most advanced castable fish finder on the market!


Special offer:

Save 12% and also get $20 in free credit.

Connect Scale

  • ConnectScale-App
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Why we love it:

  • Automatically records and tracks weights, conditions, and more to make you a better angler.
  • Easy to use and very well designed app for both Apple and Android.
  • Easily share your catches with friends on social media.

The bluetooth scale that allows anglers to track more data than ever.

If you want to top your personal best this year you’re going to need a good scale to help you measure it!

The ConnectScale is a great for any angler looking to keep track of and share their fishing experiences! The scale connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth, and logs the fish’s weight along with date, time and GPS location of the catch! It also has a built-in tape measure.

The oversized hook can hang on to a fish up to 55 lbs, has a 1M tape measure, and you can even sync up your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to brag about your catches!


Special offer:

Save 10% and also get $5 in free credit.

13 Fishing Casting Reels

  • 13_concept-A-reel-shot-(2)_
  • 13 concept C_shot(2)_012014
  • 13_Concetp-E-2_100413
  • 13 concept KP shot (4)

Why we love them:

  • Sleek design and quality build make these reels the ultimate value.
  • Most models work for both freshwater and inshore saltwater applications.
  • Comes in both right and left handed options.

The perfect combination of looks, performance, and value.

13 Fishing has been taking the fishing world by storm. With their sleek product designs and rugged durability, these reels offer high-end performance at a great value.

The Concept series reels are the perfect buy for any dedicated bass or inshore saltwater angler looking to upgrade their reel and the new Inception reels offer an amazing value to anglers of any experience level.

And Up

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Earn up to $50 back in free account credit.

Monthly Fishing Tackle Subscription

  • IMG_8041
  • IMG_8079

Why we love it:

  • Save up to 40% on new tackle + free shipping and no tax (most states).
  • A fun and affordable way for anglers to discover new lures every month.
  • Featuring new products from the top brands in fishing.
  • Species-specific boxes.

The best way to discover new fishing products.

Mystery Tackle Box has been taking the fishing industry by storm for over 3 years. Quickly becoming recognized as the best way to discover new fishing lures and techniques, this service lets anglers save up to 40% off the hottest new products in the fishing industry.

Anglers can choose their species and let Mystery Tackle Box do the rest! The regular box has about $25 worth of tackle for $15/mo and the “Pro” box has about $45 worth of tackle for $25/mo.

The recipient of the box will see a variety of baits from only high quality manufacturers. The box will also include a ‘Bait Card’ to learn more about the baits and how to use them.

Customer Reviews

a month

Special offer:

Get your first box for $5 with code GET499.

Logic Lures CeramiX Cutting Tool

Why we love it:

  • Stays sharp and will never rust.
  • Rounded edges make it skin-safe.
  • Cuts any type of line with ease (even braid!)
  • Lightweight and comes with lanyard.

The perfect cutting tool that never rusts or dulls

This tool is perfect for anglers of all ages and all experience levels. It’s light enough to store anywhere, but tough enough to cut anything. The rounded tips allow for safe storage and the sturdy body can withstand any abuse you throw it’s way.

A great item to add to any angler’s tackle box, these scissors never rust and never need sharpening, saving you from the typical downfalls of standard scissors.


Special offer:

Save over 15% on this item.

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