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5 Summertime Baits To Catch You All The Bass

While bass fishing is one of the most popular summertime sports in the world, it can also be one of the most challenging. When the weather heats up, the bite cools off, and summertime baits can be hard to choose. We’ve done the hard part for you, narrowing down to the top 5 summertime baits, when to use them, and a quick video breakdown on each. Now, get to catching all the fish!

1. Wakebaits

Wakebaits are an underutilized technique in the bass fishing industry that can allow you to get to those super shallow bass who are foraging for food or hiding in cover just below the surface of the water. Where a wakebait works the best is shallow cover, such as a submerged lay own or submerged grass, that has a small water column above it. A wakebait such as the Strike Pro Sparrow can slowly move right above that submerged cover imitating a calm bait fish ready for the bass to attack from the cover.

2. Carolina Rig

During the summertime, most bass begin to move to deeper water in search of oxygen. When the bass move, you have to move with them if you want to have a successful day on the water. A Carolina Rig with a Biospawn Vilecraw trailing behind it will imitate the slow-moving craws lurking in the deep water that the bass are feeding on. Not only can bass not resist the Carolina Rig, but it also gives you the ability to feel the bottom perfectly to know just what you are fishing.

3. Tube

The tube is a killer deep-water bass bait, making it one of the best summertime baits. A tube has a special way of getting down to the bottom, so special that most of your bites come from the fall. As a tube sinks, it slowly spins in a circle imitating a dying bait fish. Bass, especially small mouth, cannot get enough of the slow fall of the tube. A tube is also a perfect bait for fishing in deep or shallow cover as it can easily fit into any hole.

4. Shaky Head

Deep water or shallow water, ledges or flats, and visible cover or submerged cover, a shaky head can do it all. One of the best finesse rigs for summertime baits you can use, a shakey head paired with the Catch Co Flicker Worm will catch big fish no matter the conditions. The key to the shaky head is getting a jig with a flat place on the head and a bait screw. The flat head and bait screw allow the worm to stick up in the water and give it an irresistible dance.

5. Lipless Crankbait

Depth has no meaning with the lipless crankbait. If the fish are deep, let the lipless crankbait sink to the bottom and give it a up and down retrieve. If the fish are in the back of the creek, work the lipless crankbait strait back to the boat. The strong vibrations and flash that come from a lipless crankbait imitate a lonely shad just waiting to be the dinner of the next big bass you bring into your boat.

This post was guest written by Clayton Davis of The Indiana University Bass Fishing Team.

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