5 Valuable Ice Fishing Tips Every Angler Should Know

Whether you’re new to ice fishing or a seasoned angler, there’s always something to be learned when fishing hardwater. Here’s a collection of tips from the most active members of Fishidy’s ice fishing community to take with you next time you’re on the ice.

Tip #1:
“My first time out on any body of water, any time of the year, I always drill test holes on my way out. Some places may have current or springs, causing thin spots that you may not know about. Taking the time to drill a few holes can go a long ways towards keeping you safe!”

Tip #2:
“Should you fall through the ice, do not attempt to lift yourself vertically, but rather, position yourself horizontally, kick your feet, and slide onto the ice.”

Tip #3:
“The two best purchases an ice angler can make are high quality boots that keep your feet warm/dry and a good set of waterproof gloves.”

Tip #4:
“The practice of punching multiple, staggered holes across a key fishing area, known as ‘ice trolling’, can be a very time-efficient strategy for locating active fish”

Tip #5:
“One of the quickest ways to become a better angler is to understand the fish you are targeting. By learning their seasonal movements and patterns, you can eliminate a lot of water and narrow your search to high percentage areas.”

Before heading out on your next ice fishing adventure take the time to “pre-fish” your local body of water online. Sign up for a free account on Fishidy and gain access to thousands of fishing maps loaded with hot spots, contours and tips to help you locate active fish more quickly!

Good luck and tight lines!

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