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6 Reasons To Get Your Dad An MTB Subscription This Father’s Day

Father’s have been getting their sons into fishing since fishing was invented. We should all be thankful for them giving us this tremendous gift, learning how to catch, release, fillet, photograph, EVERYTHING! Your whole fishing career probably started with this man buying you a snoopy bobber or barbie pole and putting you on a pond bluegill. This is the obvious reason to be thankful for our dads on father’s day. Here are a few other reasons we should be thankful on Father’s Day we purchase them the best Father’s Day fishing gift available.

1. They’re Always Proud Of You, No Matter What

fathers day fishing
Source: Buzzfeed

2. They Let You Express Your Creativity

fathers day fishing
Source: Buzzfeed

3. They’re Up On The Newest Slang
dad jokes

4. They’re Great Dancers

lawn mower dance move

5. They’re Hilarious….

6. They Take You Fishing!

What’s better than a day out on the water with your old man? Not a lot. Say thank you with some awesome fishing gear, get them a Mystery Tackle Box subscription!

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