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6 Ways To Rig Hog Style Creature Baits

Hog style creature baits like the Karl’s Amazing Baits Gator Hawg and the Zoom Brush Hog used to be one of the most popular bass fishing bait styles in the game. They feature a slim profile, flapping arms, and a curly tail – all things that attract bass big time.

In the last few years, however, they’ve been overshadowed slightly by newer and more compact style creature baits and craws. That’s unfortunate, because “hog” style baits never stopped catching bass – and for that reason 2018 may be prime time to get out there and fish one.

Here are 6 ways to rig a hog style creature bait.

1. Jig Trailers

Many folks would think them too long, but a little trimming turns a hog style bait into dynamite jig trailers that shows the bass something they probably haven’t seen. In lakes with big bass – don’t be afraid to go “whole hog” and thread the big boy on there without any trimming.

2. Hog Style Creature Baits On a Carolina rig

The old standby still works. They’re about as good a Carolina rigging bait as you can get. They hold up well, and provide the perfect target for bottom oriented bass.

3. Wobble Head

Another great solution – “Hogs” are irresistible when slowly crawling along the bottom on the back of a wobble head.

4. Weightless

This may not seem obvious, but weightless hog style creature baits skip surprisingly well, and shows something totally off the wall to bass hanging around shallow cover like docks and laydowns.

5. Texas Rigged Bed Fishing Bait

Texas rig a hog style creature, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bed fishing bait. They look pretty natural, and have all kinds of big fish appeal when worked right in a bedder’s face.

6. Hog Style Creature Baits On A Drop Shot

Say what? Yep, the narrow profile of a “hog” style creature bait looks amazing on a drop shot. Whether it’s full sized on a bubba shot, or a smaller model on a normal drop shot – bass won’t be able to resist it.

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