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7 NFL Players Who Love To Fish

7 NFL Players Who Love To Fish

NFL Superstars are just like us. When the grind of their jobs gets tough and they get some off time, they prefer to spend it doing what they love. For some NFL Superstars who fish, they spend as much of their off time as possible on a boat. Here are 7 NFL players who fish:

1. Brian Robison

This is what it's all about!!!!!! If you watched my instagram Live on Sunday then you were able to see me and my son catch this bass! I have caught many big fish off beds and this one by far had me more nervous than any of them because I wanted my boy to catch it!!! #memories #fishing #love #bassfishing #family @strikekinglurecompany @official_rangerboats @brpevinrude @garminfishhunt @nuthreadz @trokarhooks @stormrusa @areaccessories @orcacoolers @deckedusa @power.pole @team13fishing @onyxoutdoor #gammaline #reeleminfoundation 📸cred: @fatcatnewton

A post shared by Brian Robison (@brianrobison96) on May 17, 2017 at 4:10pm PDT

Brian's always been an avid fishermen, but his popularity in the fishing community has really grown over the past few years. His Reel Em In Foundation has helped raise money for K9sForCops and other charitable foundations.

2. Willie Young

Stay tune it's just starting to get good ...

A post shared by Willie Young Jr (@willie_young_gone_fishing97) on May 7, 2016 at 6:06pm PDT

Originator of the bass fishing sack dance, Willie Young would rather be fishing just about 100% of the time.

3. Julio Jones

It's no surprise that Julio Jones, the man who can catch any pass, can also catch any bass. The former Alabama Crimson Tide and current Atlanta Falcon has the entire south as his bass fishing playground, and he takes full advantage all off season long.

4. Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer has adopted fishing as a stress reliever to get away from the grind of football season, and even tries to take as many of his teammates with him as he can.

5. Sam Barrington

Sam Barrington took part in an awesome challenge with YouTuber BlackTipH, lugging gigantic Amberjack out of the water during a saltwater expedition.

6. Colt McCoy

With a name like Colt McCoy, he was destined to be an outdoorsman. Colt has been catching hogs since long before his time becoming a Longhorn Legend in Austin, Texas.

7. Bonus Retiree: Randy Moss

Perhaps the most famous angler amongst any current or former NFL players, Randy Moss was straight bass, homie.

Updated September 8th, 2017 at 10:58 AM CT