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7 Topwater Fishing Tips To Dominate The Surface

7 Topwater Fishing Tips To Dominate The Surface

There’s no greater thrill in bass fishing than watching a calm surface suddenly explode and your topwater lure instantly vanish. This is what makes topwater fishing great.This scene plays out many times during the months when the waters are warm enough to activate bass into feeding on top.My favorite topwater lure is the Heddon Zara Spook, but I’ve also caught plenty of bass on the surface with topwater chuggers and propeller baits.

A number of factors stimulate bass into striking at objects on the surface during the warm months. During the postspawn stage, bass feed heavily when the water temperature is optimum for a bass’ metabolism and food is abundant. Bass might be looking toward the surface during warm weather because a lot of terrestrial insects, such as locusts and grasshoppers, fall in the water.Probably the main reason male bass key in on the surface during the postspawn is to protect their fry. These fish tend to be extremely aggressive and strike at anything that approaches them along the surface.Here are some topwater fishing tricks on how to make bass hit your offering in late spring and throughout the summer.

1. Try Topwater Fishing Post Spawn

During the postspawn try topwater poppers or walking baits like a Zara Spook around any rocks or logs sticking out of the water.

2. Find The Docks

Throw your topwater plug behind docks during the postspawn to catch male bass hiding under the dock and protecting their fry. Try to keep your lure as close as possible to the dock and in the shadiest areas on sunny days.

3. Mind Your Speeds

The speed at which you work a topwater lure depends on the water temperature. Usually the cooler the water, the slower the retrieve.

4. Make Some Noise

On windy days, try noisy topwater lures such as chuggers or propeller style baits, like buzzbaits, which are easier for bass to detect and pinpoint on a choppy surface.

5. Check For Followers

If you see a bass following your topwater lure, keep working the lure at a steady pace to keep the fish chasing the bait. Stopping the retrieve usually causes the fish to turn away from the lure.v

6. Cast Deep

Make long casts—especially when fishing in clear water—and use braided line for working plugs along the surface. Braided line’s no-stretch quality produces better hooksets when a bass strikes your lure during a long-distance delivery.

7. Mix Up Your Topwater Fishing Tactics In Shallows

When the water on your favorite fishery is high and murky to muddy, a buzz bait is your best bet to run in the shallows.

Updated August 19th, 2020 at 5:27 AM CT