8 Father’s Day Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it is only natural that Father’s Day fishing gifts would be the first thing you think of when trying to make sure your old man has a special day. While we’re sure all he REALLY wants is some alone time on the water, catch him on his way out the door with any of these fishing gifts and you’ll make him the happiest guy on earth.

1) Mystery Tackle Box Subscription

Hook your dad up with not one, but MULTIPLE months of Mystery Tackle Box! Each month, pops will load up on premium fishing lures and rigs, all at a discounted price. Our team of industry experts will hand pick each product making sure Dad is left with nothing but the best. Get a box of baits delivered to the best dad in the world for the entire fishing season!

2) A New Fishing Reel

Make Dad’s day with a new spinning or casting reel. Karl loaded up on reel options for bass, pike, walleye, panfish, and trout anglers meaning no matter what he targets, we have dad covered.

Spinning reels in sizes 1500-2500 will work for trout, panfish, and walleye but move up to 2500-3500 sizes for the Dad interested in catching bass, northern pike, or catfish.

3) A New Fishing Rod

Karl’s has all of the deals this holiday season to get your dad lined up with a slick new fishing rod. Spinning and casting rods available in different sizes and price points to help your dad get dialed this season.

The Googan Squad Green Series are the high performing rods at an affordable price point. Each rod features highly sensitive carbon blanks meaning it’s extra strong, highly sensitive and extremely durable.

4) A Lucky Fishing Hat

Fishing hats not only help keep the sun out of your eyes but also bring a little bit of luck. Superstitious anglers won’t leave home without their lucky fishing hat. Karl’s new bucket hat is an instant classic, but you can’t go wrong with the more traditional ball cap style fishing hat.

5) A New Fishing Shirt

From Dad approved, fishing button-ups, classic shirts to high-end performance fishing gear, Karl’s has stocked up on the freshest fishing threads for the summer fishing season. All sizes, multiple options, with every shirt offered at a competitive price. Keep Dad styling while he is reeling in the big ones.

6) Something Camo

Load up your old man with a camo hat, cupvest, or shirt. It might help him the woods, but it will allow him to project his passion for the outdoors on his next run to the grocery store. 

7) Fishing Sandals

Keep your dad’s feet toasty warm with a pair of bass fishing sandals. Karl’s members can get their dad a hilarious fishing gift for only $10.

8) Fathers Day Specialty Box

A more affordable option, these Father’s Day fishing gifts still feature some of the essentials your dad will love. Not quite breaking the bank as much as the premium gifts at the top of this post, this group is for the budget-conscious.

If your dad is looking for some premium baits at an insane discount, look no further than the Mystery Tackle Box Father’s Day Box.

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