michigan state record smallmouth

9.33 Pound Smallmouth Bass Sets Michigan Record

A 9.33 pound, 24.5 inch smallmouth bass was caught this week at Hubbard Lake in Northeast Michigan (Alcona County), and was just verified as a new state record! Feel free to read that twice, that says 9.33 pounds and 24.5 inches! Average smallmouth bass are between 1 to 2 pounds, and range from 12 to 15 inches in length, so this record fish is about 5+ times the average weight. The record was verified by a Michigan state DNR fisheries biologist. Records are measured only by weight, and this is the sixth state-record fish caught in Michigan in 2015.

The old state record for smallmouth was 9.25 pounds, and was caught over 100 years ago on Long Lake in 1906. This 9+ pound fish in another league of HUGE is sure to keep every anglers ego in check the next time they reel in a big smallmouth and eagerly search for their state record.

The monster catch was reeled in by Greg Gasciel, who wisely took several photos to assure people would believe him. Greg was using a green grub to catch this smallmouth. Here are some of the photos of the giant courtesy of Wired2Fish:



michigan state record smallmouth

michigan state record smallmouth

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