minnesota record white bass

Minnesota Angler Hauls In State Record White Bass

A St. Paul angler has reeled in quite the catch this week, breaking the state record for White Bass by 6 full ounces! Kanchic Yang of St. Paul reeled in the 4 lb, 8 oz slab right on Vadnais Lake in Ramsey County earlier this month and the catch was recently verified by the Minnesota DNR. The 4 lb, 2 oz record falls after over 12 years!

The fish was caught from shore and brought in for verification immediately. Any state record, even for a smaller species, is impressive in Minnesota where there are so many avid anglers fishing on so many lakes. This St. Paul resident will have bragging rights for quite some time as he broke the record by a significant margin.

White Bass are gaining popularity as a sportfish. They are the state fish of OKlahoma, and are native to rivers flowing into all areas of the Mississippi River, the MidWest, and parts of the East. As they grow in size and popularity, trophy hunters nationwide will be targeting white bass just like the one Kancich caught!

Image Via WoodburyBulletin

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