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Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan, Global Takeover Begins

Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan, Global Takeover Begins

Asian Carp are just about the worst fear of any aquatic ecosystem, besides sharks adapting to fresh water or musky deciding to attack humans. While they are slight in size and relatively rare in America, they are insanely ferocious eaters which feed on algae, plankton, and other baitfish. Their sumo-wrestler appetite and rapid reproduction can ruin an ecosystem.Recently, an Asian Carp was found in the Calumet River, a popular recreational fishing spot no more than 10 miles from Chicago and the shores of Lake Michigan. Uh oh.

So, How Did Asian Carp Even Get Here?

They were originally introduced into some southern bodies of water by the state of Louisiana, thought to be a solution to a much less threatening problem, with overgrowing algae. When flooding hit the region, water overflowed and some Asian Carp were dropped into the Mississippi River, where they have no migrated to who-knows-where.

Why Are Asian Carp So Bad, Anyways?

They're pretty nasty, and once they are here, they're here. If they spawn in any of the Great Lakes, a long domino effect could lead to millions of Americans needing a new place to find their drinking water. Aquatic ecosystems are delicate and fragile, and one invasive species could throw off the entire fragile food chain.Mainly, Asian Carp are so bad because they eat everyone else's food and never go away. Two of the worst qualities any living being could ever have, whether a fish threatening the ecosystem or a friend hovering over you asking for another french fry.

What Are We Supposed To Do About These Asian Carp?

Well, simply put, kill them if you can. They are invasive, and for right now are public enemy #1 to anglers everywhere as well as people who drink water ever.If you feel like making a sport out of creating an endangered species, join these guys down in Southern Illinois for some skarping, which looks like too much fun and is still somehow helping make the world a better place.

Updated June 28th, 2017 at 12:33 PM CT