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Submit Your Fishing Tips Questions And Team MTB Will Answer!

Hello, we are Mystery Tackle Box. And we want you to ask us anything! We often get fishing questions of ALL types on our social media channels, but sadly, we can’t get to them all!

So, we decided to open up an inbox where you can send us all of your questions: [email protected] which is open and available now. Send your questions to us there, and we’ll get answers on video or in written format to as many as we can, and we hope to make everyone a better angler because of it. Ask for local advice, general fishing tips, rigging hacks, local reports, anything you need!

We have a team of experts on team MTB who will help answer these questions. Besides the MTB Employees, we’ll even get some answers back at from our team of YouTubers, pro staff, sponsored anglers, collegiate circuit anglers, and more.

We have a diverse set of anglers who fish for all types of species, in all bodies of water, from coast to coast. You have questions, we have SOMEONE who can answer it.

Meet some of our own staff experts here, and start sending questions to [email protected] now! We’ll answer some of our favorites on a Facebook Live event next week.

Some MTB Fishing Experts:

Tight Lines Tim

fishing tips and tricks

You might recognize Tim from winning the first YouTuber tournament. Although he was HEAVILY aided by our friend Lake Fork Guy, some of his closest family members do maintain he catches fish somewhat consistently.

Matt From Northwestern

pre-spawn smallmouth

Matt was an All-American Angler at Northwestern. He’ll be sure to bring that up at some point in most of his responses.

Captain Josh

Josh runs Lake Michigan Charters on The Bama Breeze in Illinois. He excels in catching bottom dwellers like the Lake Trout, but has been known to run into a rainbow trout or salmon when the conditions are EXTREMELY in his favor.

Intern Gavin

fishing tips and tricks

Intern Gavin used to be an intern at Mystery Tackle Box. He’s not an intern anymore but we still call him Intern Gavin. You know who else used to be an intern at Mystery Tackle Box? Jon B..

MTB Hat Guy

MTB Hat Guy stinks at fishing, no sugar coating that. But, he is Karl Von Dibble’s right hand man, so expect both to come up with some VERY incorrect answers to your questions.

Submit Your Fishing Tips Questions!

Send your questions to [email protected] and we’ll get to answering! Stay tuned for answers, guest experts, giveaways, and more fun from Mystery Tackle Box!

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