Mystery Tackle Box Revealed: Bass Pro Unboxing – May 2021

This month’s MTB Unboxing is brought to you by TUFoutdoors . In the quick video, you’ll see what’s included in one of many Mystery Tackle Pro Boxes sent out in May 2021. Sending out multiple box types helps us work with more brands while keeping the “Mystery” aspect alive. Thanks to Tufoutdoors and anyone spreading the #HappyDance by sharing their unboxing experience with the fishing community. 

Mystery Tackle Pro Bass Box Bait Breakdown

Below you’ll see more detailed content for each bait included in this particular Mystery Tackle Pro Box. If you scroll even further down, you’ll see the answers to some of the most common questions people ask about Mystery Tackle Box.

The Strike Pro Cranky X SS is a wake bait that creates an incredible rolling action as it moves through the water. It is best used in clear water and when targeting areas with shallow cover.
Toss this bait out there and let it do all the work for you. Known as the workhorse in their line of swimbaits the Original Swimbait by Optimum will produce huge bites!

The 10,000 Fish Cyclebait is a new, patent-protected wire bait with an erratic action like nothing you’ve seen before. Unlike a spinnerbait that tracks straight through the water, the Cyclebait’s unique blade to wire connection allows for an erratic, side to side hunting action, as seen below. This creates a realistic swimming motion that better mimics fleeing baitfish. 

The Fishoey Lures Dogger Pup line lives up to its movement clad name with seven inches of soft plastic that subtly jerks in a way that fish cannot resist. Unlike many soft plastic baits that sport a full tail, the tail on this bait is much skinnier than the rest of the body and provides that irresistible twirling movement that brings the big ones in.

Kalin’s Tickle Tail is a unique, precision-poured swimbait that, with its array of wiggly tentacles spanning the entire length, creates a lifelike action that fish can’t ignore.

Bruiser Baits Stick Worm

Bruiser Baits Stick Worms have a tapered body, and some of the best quivery action found in plastic worms. Bruiser Baits Stick Worms are really versatile, ready for Texas or Carolina rigs, to drop shots and wacky rigs. Bruiser Baits Stick Worms trigger aggressive eats, and they’re high performers in heavy cover with the added hook slot, so be ready for solid hook sets.

Harmony Fishing Company Razor Series EWG Hooks

A high-quality wide gap hook is a tackle box staple for any angler, and Razor Series EWG Hooks from Harmony Fishing Company have you covered. These hooks are designed to accommodate your chunkiest worms, swimbaits, creature baits, and craws. Razor Series EWG hooks are chemically sharpened and made from remarkably strong, proprietary high carbon steel alloy. You’ll be impressed by the performance of Harmony Fishing Company’s Razor Series EWG Hooks!

What Is Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box is the original monthly lure subscription service. We have featured over a hundred different brands in our boxes and have introduced tens of thousands of anglers to new products they have come to love. We ship out over 2 million baits a year and we continue to grow as our customers love getting their boxes every month. In fact, we’re often told that it feels like Christmas once a month!

What Is A Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing?

Since 2012, Mystery Tackle Box subscribers haven shown off their monthly fishing lure hauls. Some post on Instagram. And some even take it a step further and film a YouTube video. It doesn’t matter which social platform you use, keep sharing your lures, fishing videos, and of course big fish pictures! We love to see you putting those things to work!

**We send out several varieties of each box type every month, so not everyone will receive the same products. Boxes are designed based on each subscriber’s individual species preference, customer history, and available inventory. **

Mystery Tackle Pro Boxes

Mystery Tackle Box Pro Boxes costs $29.99, and each bundle includes $40+ of new and innovative fishing tackle explicitly designed for your target species. Free shipping, stickers, and an informative fishing magazine are included in every box.

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