Life In The Bassmobile: 16 Questions With Two Guys On The Trip Of A Lifetime

In July, the Catch Co. launched the world’s first and only Bassmobile, a 40ft RV converted to resemble a gigantic largemouth bass. It set off from Atlanta, beginning its 6-month road trip where it plans to stop at social events including – professional baseball games, state fairs, kids fishing events, and concerts. 

At each event, people from all walks of life pass by, giving the guys the unique opportunity to engage and connect with people who historically the Catch Co. could only reach online.  

Meet The Crew

The #bassmobile operators are Benny and Tyler, two lifelong buddies who grew up fishing in the land of 10,000 lakes. The duo travels, works, eats, sleeps, and fishes together while driving across the country living out of 2019 converted Winnebago.

F*sh Yeah! Let’s Party!

Bobber bean bag toss always draws a crowd.

Show up to any Bassmobile event and you’ll see anglers talking fishing, people grabbing gifts for loved ones, or kids testing their skills as they cast de-hooked bass jigs into target dishes laid out over the blacktop. 

Nearly every passerby stops for a picture, asks a quick question, or takes a brief pause as they take in the unusual sight. Where there are people, there are anglers and the Bassmobile is an exciting new vehicle for the Catch Co. to meet more anglers. 

On The Road Again

We reached out to Benny and Tyler as they traveled from Kansas City, Missouri to Champaign, Illinois, preparing for the Big Ten football season opener. The guys had plans to fish, tailgate, and connect with local fishing clubs, which to me, sounds like an incredible weekend. So, if you’re in central Illinois or know someone who is, make sure to honk and wave if you see a giant bass flying down the highway. 

Here are 16 things we learned about living in the Catch Co. Bassmobile

  1. What are the looks and questions you get from pulling around a 40 foot RV with a giant bass on it?
    We turn just about every head we swim by. From smiles and thumbs up to phones hanging out the window snapping pictures of us while driving. A lot of the questions we get are “Do you guys really live in this thing?” and “Does this have a huge aquarium inside?” No but we have sell baits that’ll help you fill an aquarium😉

  2. How many miles have you driven so far? How many miles to the gallon?
    In the first month we’ve driven just over 5000 miles. Towing the bass we get about 11 mpg but we get close to 20 mpg without.

  3. What has been your favorite city?
    Nashville was a lot of fun. Tennessee was by far the favorite state so far.

  4. Favorite lake, species, and fish catch?
    Pond hopping in Pennsylvania with @5050fishing was a lot of fun. Tyler caught a giant Mirror Carp which was his first and it was really cool to check off a new species. Spotted bass in Lake of The Ozarks was a lot of fun as well because they’d school up and hit just about every topwater bait we threw.

  5. Favorite meal and road snacks?
    Annie’s Mac and cheese mixed with steamed broccoli in the Bassmobile and on the road Chipotle, enough said.

  6. What are some of the most commonly asked questions?
    “Do you guys live in this thing?” “What’s it like towing a giant bass” “Is this a food truck”

  7. Are you sick of each other yet?
    Not yet. Time will tell…
  1. What event are you most excited about?
    Minnesota state fair short term and looking into the future the Billy Strings concert in Colorado is very high on our list.
  2. Have you met MTB subscribers or Karl’s Members along the way?
    Yes we’ve met several who are always excited and suprised to see us rolling into their town!

  3. Tips for people pulling a boat/RV/trailer?
    Make wide turns and be very aware of your surroundings.

  4. Is it easy to make friends at the RV park?
    It seems like at any given time while we’re at an RV park people are talking about the Bassmobile so conversations and new friends are easy to come by. Everybody gets so excited.

  5. What have been the most popular baits?
    The Googan Squad Micro Banger and the 10,000 Tataki Frog

  6. How often do people invite you to go fishing?
    Not enough. Anybody and everybody should try and reach out. We want to meet you and catch more fish! 

  7. What has been  the wildest moment?
    Breaking down in the Middle of West Virginia was wild. Very thankful for all of the awesome people that helped us out and especially our mechanic. He picked us up with the Bass on the side of the road, dropped us off at our event, worked crazy over time hours and drove hundreds of miles getting parts and topped it off with delivering the truck super late at night to make sure we were able to get to our next event.

  8. Where can we follow the Bassmobile?
    The Bass Mobile content can be found all over Catch Co. branded platforms including Mystery Tackle Box and Karl’s. We will also be releasing a documentary and vlog series videos on YouTube of our adventures and life on the road.

  9. What is the best way for us to follow you guys?
    Instagram! Tyler – @brickfishing and Benny – @benoutdoorsusa

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