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The 6 Best Fishing Apps For The Modern Angler

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” That’s now true of fishing too. Anglers won’t hop on the boat without having their smartphone in their pocket. That’s due in part to us needing to prove the size of the catch to our friends on Instagram, but also because of the way technology can help us find and catch fish. Fishing apps have become a staple for some of the more successful modern-day anglers.

Here are some of the hottest fishing-related mobile apps on the market right now.

1. ANGLR Bullseye (iOS, Android:$29.99)

What it does:

The ANGLR Bullseye is revolutionizing the way we use data in the fishing world. This device tracks locations & details of every one of your catches! Turn on your ANGLR Bullseye and start recording every catch with photos & details behind locations, conditions.

Just download the ANGLR mobile app, pair it with your Bullseye, and your smartphone will automatically start tracking your water, weather, and location data. The Bullseye can be attached to any fishing hat, shirt or lanyard. Just click once to record fish catches with the weather, water, and location details.

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2. Fishbrain App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

Fishbrain is the world’s largest community-based fishing app. It allows anglers to upload catches, fishing reports, and observations viewable to just themselves, their friends and family, or the community at large. Anglers can also view reports and catches from other anglers in their areas to figure out where the hot bite is.

Fishbrain is a great app for fishing clubs or groups of friends to help each other out and learn. It’s also an excellent app for anglers looking to get some experience, as it will allow them to view catches and reports from more experienced anglers. It also has lots of information available about baits and techniques, so it’s an excellent resource for anglers that want to try new techniques.


3.  Fishidy App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

The Fishidy app allows members to utilize all the features of their online service on the go. Anglers can record catches and data about their trip, share them with friends, and link them to the real-time locations on the interfaced Fishing Hot Spots® maps. The Fishidy app also allows anglers access to hundreds of pro-tips and the ability to upload pictures of their catches to the online “bragging board.”

Because their entire network is map-based, it allows anglers the ability to easily discover patterns and trends from their results without keeping their own records. Want to know how you did on the lake last July? Just check the app. Want to know which dock you caught that 4 pounder of off three months ago, check the app. At its basic level, the Fishidy app is just a really user-friendly map-based fishing log.



4. GoFree Hooked (Lowrance) (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

The GoFree Hooked app allows anglers to record catches by GPS location, save fish photos, fish details, and notes about each catch. Once saved, it allows you to share that information with friends, family, and social media. It also allows you to compete in “Tournaments” with other users to see who the best angler is via the live leaderboard. It also allows you to review past trips to find secrets by analyzing their results in detail.

By analyzing past trips results, the GoFree Hooked app allows anglers to quickly and easily break down patterns and predict future success. It also creates an atmosphere of competition, by which anglers can consistently try and better their performances each and every time on the water. Want to see how you stack up against the other anglers in the area, this app’s for you.


5. Navionics App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

Navionics has long been the leader in marine charts, and their mobile app contains access to their comprehensive library of charts and bathymetric maps. They offer several different app options, including a subscription service called Navionics+, which unlocks exciting tools like Sonar Chart – by which anglers can upload sonar logs to create a more accurate or custom chart.

Having the Navionics app gives angler on-the-go access to the same great charts contained in most high-end GPS units. Want to pore over the map to find a secret honey hole at dinner after a long day on the water, or when it’s raining outside? The app allows anglers access from anywhere. It’s also excellent for anglers without GPS capabilities in their boats, but who have smartphones. It works like a GPS. The Navionics app is also great for ice fishermen, who seldom have GPS capabilities while on the ice – it puts the contour map anywhere you are.


6. Deeper App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

The Deeper Fish Finder is the revolutionary sonar device that projects a detailed underwater map to your mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth. Only the size of a tennis ball, the Deeper has all of the features of standard fish finders, but can be cast out from shore or mounted to a boat or kayak.

The Deeper will help any angler catch more fish by giving anglers important information such as water temperatures, depths, bottom composition, fish location, weather, and more. Hands down, one of the most useful fishing apps available.


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