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The 9 Best Fishing Gifts In 2022 That Cost Less Than $20

The 9 Best Fishing Gifts In 2022 That Cost Less Than $20

You don't have to break the bank to put a smile on a fisherman's face. Here are nine festive holiday fishing gifts for under $20. From fishing slippers to stylish t-shirts and even something for your favorite fishing friend. Here are the 9 best fishing gifts in 2022 that cost less than $20.

9) Single Mystery Tackle Box

$17.99 Karl's Club Member Price
$19.99 Non-Member Price

Mystery Tackle Box is a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing lures! These boxes of bait are great fishing gifts for dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, or anyone who loves fishing!

8) Rivers Edge Bass Fish Slippers

$14.39 Karl's Club Member Price
$17.99 Non-Member Price

These sandals scream "HEY WORLD I LOVE BASS" and honestly, what more could you want from an affordable and hilarious fishing gift?

7) Googan Squad Split Ring Pliers

$9.09 Karl's Club Member Price
$12.99 Non-Member Price

Every crankbait or swimbait angler needs a good pair of split ring pliers, and these ones from the Googan Squad will last forever for less! Whenever you need to swap out those pesky treble hooks, the Googan Squad Split Ring Pliers will help you do so efficiently, safely and, most importantly, affordably.

6) Bass Mafia X Googan Squad Casket 2.0

Regular Price: $16.99
Club Members Earn $2.00 Credit With Purchase

The Bass Mafia X Googan Squad Casket 2.0 is tackle tray with the storage capability to hold a ton of your favorite baits, and keep them dry and rust-free in the process. Equally as important, the Casket 2.0 can be stored in a wide variety of backpacks and other bags for easy use.

5) Catch Co. Contour Crest T-Shirt

$15.99 Karl's Club Member Price
$19.99 Non-Member Price

The classic Catch Co. hook logo, a unique topographical contour map twist, this shirt has it all for the angler in your life, and it comes with a super affordable price tag! Whether they are wearing it on the boat deck, the bank or out on the town, this shirt will make a snazzy stocking stuffer or present in 2022!

4) Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap

$7.99 Karl's Club Member Price
$9.99 Non-Member Price

Give the gift of good scent with the Big Brick of Soap from Duke Cannon. There are comforting aromas to choose from—mixtures of citrus musk and cedar, island spices, a hint of pine—you can select from a range of bright, pleasant blends. It's 10oz of triple-milled premium soap that's made in the USA. Buy this soap for yourself or as a gift for any outdoorsy person you know.

3) Flambeau Outdoors Big Mouth Tackle Kit

$12.80 Karl's Club Member Price
$16.00 Non-Member Price

The Big Mouth Tackle Box Kit comes FILLED with all of the essentials- hooks, line, a stringer, weights and other tools to help you get out on the water.

2) Karl's Reel Care Kit

$17.99 Karl's Club Member Price
$19.99 Non-Member Price

Reel care is an oft-overlooked task that is essential in keeping reels functional over years of use. Complete with our signature Reel Care Solution, Synthetic Reel Grease, and tools to break down for cleaning, this kit is the perfect gift for the angler in your life.

1) Badfish Dock Sauce

$6.40 Karl's Club Member Price
$8.00 Non-Member Price

Have a saucy person in your life? Gift them Dock Sauce from Badfish and they will be sure to swoon over it. Perfect for use on fish, chicken or beef, Dock Sauce is the quickest way to take your tastebuds on a journey to somewhere a little warmer.

Updated October 27th, 2022 at 9:04 AM CT