3 Reasons Why Blade Baits Dominate Cold Water

A blade bait can be an incredible way to catch numerous species of fish during any season. This often-misunderstood lure has a few subtleties which can make or break a fishing outing. Next time you stumble upon a great blade bait bite make sure you remember these three tips.

Experiment Like Crazy

Blade Bait

Oftentimes what attracts fish to the blade bait is its appearance in the water. Many things make up this appearance such as size, shape, weight, and color. In order to get the best combination anglers must experiment with each aspect on a continual basis until they find the “sweet spot” that the fish want. Typically, the warmer the water the heavier the blade bait. Try bulky, fast presentations when water temperatures are high. Do the opposite for cold water. Decrease bait size and weight. Present the bait in a less aggressive fashion and use lighter line.

Changing Out Blade Bait Hooks

Blade Bait

Given the nature of the blade bait, hook sharpness is constantly an issue. The bait bounces and hops in and around rocks, sand, and other abrasive objects on a regular basis. Typically, the first part of the lure to impact these objects are the hooks. While quality is much better today than it was in the past, blade fishermen must repeatedly change their hooks depending upon how much abrasion their hooks encounter. The last thing a fisherman wants is to hook the fish of a lifetime and have it come unbuttoned because of dull hooks.

When In Doubt, Blade Bait It Out

Blade Bait

Do you like actively schooling fish? Of course, you do. It is every fisherman’s dream to look at their sonar and see lines darting everywhere after baitfish. It is particularly important to have a blade bait tied on in the summer when big bass school up offshore. A blade bait allows you to get down to these fish and offer them something to munch fast. Even if you do not think you will use a blade bait on a given outing, it is a good idea to have one tied up just in case. Worst case scenario, you don’t use the setup and you leave it rigged for next time.

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