mccloud river fishing

2 Brother’s Love Of Fishing Helps Get Them Through Hard Times

Trout fishing trips to The McCloud River was something Paul & George enjoyed before trips to the hospital. It got them through tough nights spent in a hospital bed. And it’s something they’ll share for the rest of their lives. Anyone who’s ever bonded with family or friends over the outdoors should take 7 minutes to watch this video. Then go fishing.

George is a buddy of mine, a guy who loves fishing enough to have it in his Instagram handle, for reference. His brother’s had a tough go of it, being in and out of the hospital way more than anyone his age ever should be. But, as Orvis described in this video, fishing helped get them through.

Family and fishing are two of the most important things to many anglers in our community. We need both to really enjoy where we’re at in life. And, often times, we fish with our family. Some of my favorite memories fishing are with my dad and grandpa and my closest friends. Maybe I’m just sentimental, but that’s why this story really hit home.

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