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How To Catch, Clean, And Cook White Bass (Blade Bait Bite)

How To Catch, Clean, And Cook White Bass (Blade Bait Bite)

Often overlooked and usually underappreciated, the white bass catches a bad wrap. While they won't earn your points at bass tournaments, and most panfish anglers don't specifically target them, white bass fight hard and taste delicious.

They also aren't necessarily picky eaters, meaning new and experienced anglers can find success using a myriad of baits, including swimbaits, small crankbaits, inline spinnerbaits, and of course, the jig and minnow. Pound for pound, white bass are hard fighting, unwilling to give up, and ready to bend a light-powered spinning rod harder than almost any crappie.

In the quick video, Justin Rackley, known as Lake Fork Guy on YouTube, breaks down his approach to targeting white bass in Texas. Sand bass is another name for white bass in the south, so you may hear him mix that in from time to time. Anglers in the north can apply the same techniques and find success near them, but keep in mind this video is from the perspective of a Texas angler.

The Best Baits For Catching Whitebass

Image Credit: David Yang

1) Spoons

Acme Kastmaster Jigging Spoon

2) Hair Jigs

Northland Tackle Fire-Fly Jig

3) Small Swimbaits

Karl's Amazing Baits Paddle Grub

4) Inline Spinnerbaits

Blue Fox Vibrax

5) Small Crankbaits

Karl's Amazing Baits Chihuahua

6) Jig And Minnow

Northland Tackle Sink'N Jigs

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Updated May 26th, 2021 at 6:10 AM CT