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The Easiest Ways To Catch More Bass Around Docks

The Easiest Ways To Catch More Bass Around Docks

Watch our guy Tyler Anderson showcase his approach to catching more bass around docks. From rod and reel breakdown to on the water explanations, Tyler will fill you in on the details that help him fill the boat with bass.Everyone knows that bass love to hang around boat docks, and the key to catching more dock dwelling bass is by putting your bait back into the juiciest looking reaches where the fish are sitting. Tyler breaks it all down for you here, how he gears up for a day of dock fishing.

Bass Rods For Fishing Docks

When fishing around a dock, you're going to be constantly challenged in hitting pinpoint targets. It might be skipping Senkos under pontoon boats or flipping jigs alongside a dock post, no matter the scenario an accurate cast will usually make a big difference.

Shorter fishing rods provide you with more accuracy while allowing you to get the rod more parallel with the water at your release point; this helps provide a low casting angle, helping your baits reach further under the docks.

Most anglers prefer a 7-foot medium to medium-heavy casting or spinning rod paired with a high-speed reel spooled with either fluorocarbon or braided line. In clear water, use fluorocarbon; it will matter less which line you choose in murky water.

Skipping Jigs = More Bass

Skipping your lure deep under a dock will lengthen your cast and help you get to areas other anglers might not have reached. The key to skipping is making sure your rod is parallel to the water at your point of release. You want the lure to hit the water just below the target and then keep moving for a few more skips. Using something like a jig, Fluke, or Senko that features a flat and broad profile will help increase your skipping ability. Think of it like skipping a stone at the beach; you want something flat and want a low release point.

The Best Reels For Fishing Docks


After you hook into a fish under a dock, you need to quickly work that fish out and away from snag friendly dock. Using a fast retrieving casting reel will quickly pick up line, which helps you winch that bass away from the dock piling ready to bust your line at any moment.

How To Get A Fish Off A Dock Piling

Fish will inevitably wrap themselves around the nearest log, rock, piling, or dock. When this does happen, sometimes you sense it tugging on the other end behind that feeling of a heavy snag. When this happens, try keeping your rod tip high and gently leaning back on the fish. Doing this helps the fish free itself from the snag while remaining hooked up. If this doesn't work, but you still feel the fish pulling, you'll have to go in there and get it!

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Updated August 31st, 2020 at 9:14 AM CT