CatchSmart: The NEW System To Pair Your Rods To Your Tackle

Catch Co.’s CatchSmart system has one major purpose – to make fishing easier and more fun for anglers! CatchSmart uses icons to educate anglers and help you make the right decisions while picking out gear. Confidence is key when it comes to enjoying your time on the water, and the CatchSmart system helps anglers feel more confident that they chose the right lure with the right rod. LakeForkGuy breaks it all down for you here and makes it easy for you to know which rod to use with which lures!

The Googan Squad line-up offers rods at an affordable price, each expertly designed through extensive collaboration between Googan Squad and Catch Co. Choose from 2 lines with six models designed using Catch Co.’s CatchSmart system — so you spend less time worrying about what gear to use and more time catching fish.

Googan Sqaud Go-To Rods

Catch Co Go-To CatchSmart
Length: 7′
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Fast

Hard baits, soft baits, jigs, topwaters, and nearly everything in between, this medium-heavy powered casting rod will do it all. The fast action keeps the rod bend closer to the tip, helping you make quick hooksets. If you’re looking for that do-it-all bass casting rod, this might be your new go-to.

Rod Features – Fast action to set the hook. Medium-heavy power to handle an array of lures. Average rod length and butt length to allow for a variety of situations and lures. 

Pairs With: Widest variety of lures. Most of the general bass fishing lures — spinnerbaits, jigs, bladed jigs, Texas rigs.

Googan Squad Reaction Rods

Catch Co Reaction - CatchSmart
Length: 7’2”
Power: Medium
Action: Moderate

Reaction baits are quick-moving baits often with treble hooks that trigger bites. These lures dart past the fish at a fast pace. When a fish does bite, you need a well-balanced rod to bend back and sink those trebles right into the fish’s mouth. The Googan Squad Reaction Series is that rod.

Pairs With: Moving baits, usually with treble hooks. Baits that trigger fish into eating — crankbaits, bladed jigs.

Googan Squad Twitch Rods

Catch Co Twitch
Length: 6’9”
Power: Medium
Action: Moderate

The Googan Squad Twitch rod is for those lures that require rod tip movement. Lures that require jerking, slashing, ripping, or twitching are ideal for this fishing stick. With every stroke of the rod tip, the Googan Squad Twitch will keep your bait zigging while you zag. 

Most ripping or twitching style baits work best with the rod tip pointed down; for this reason, anglers often prefer a shorter rod to help it from getting in the way.

At 6’9″, The Twitch provides enough length for appropriate rod balance and natural casting ability while still being short enough from being cumbersome when being worked. 

Pairs With: Lures that are most effective when moved with rod tip movement. Often have treble hooks. Erratic, slashing, or popping action — jerkbaits, walking baits, poppers.

Googan Squad Muscle Rods

Googan Squad Muscle Rod
Length: 7’5”
Power: Heavy
Action: Extra-Fast

The Muscle Rod is the heavy-duty stick built for big lures that require hefty hooksets. Jigs, Texas Rigs, Frogs, and more big bass baits pair perfectly with this long and stout rod. At 7’5″, the Muscle rod will help you flex on fish living in thick cover or vegetation; the extra fast action means the rod bends towards the top of the rod blank. This means quicker and more efficient hooksets.

The space between the reel seat and the end of the fishing rod is known as the rod butt. The rod butt has been extended on the Googan Squad Muscle to help increase leverage and casting ability. The longer rod helps increase leverage upon hookset while also helping control fish during battle.

Pairs With: Lures you need to set the hook hard on — Jigs with brush guards, Texas rigged plastics, ½ oz or over, frogs.

Googan Squad Finesse Rods

CatchSmart Finesse
Length: 7′
Power: Medium
Action: Fast

The Googan Squad Finesse Rod is a medium power spinning rod built for all things finesse fishing. Whether you’re shaky head fishing offshore or skipping stick baits under the dock, the Googan Squad Finesse Rod is the deal. The Googan Squad Finesse Rod features a fast action tip and a sincerely sensitive rod blank; this helps it cast lightweight lures a country mile. 

The Finesse Rod comes in a one-piece or two-piece rod option that makes traveling and storage more comfortable while not taking away from the performance.

Pairs With: Small plastics and hardbaits. Plastics with exposed hooks or light Texas rigs — wacky rig, ned rig, drop shot, shaky heads.

Googan Squad Finesse Light Rods

CatchSmart - Finesse Light
Length: 6’10”
Power: Medium
Action: Moderate

The Finesse Light spinning rod is the featherweight in the line-up, but don’t let this little rod fool you, it still packs a punch and pulls its weight. Designed for finesse techniques, like ned rigs, drop shots, Neko rigs, hair jigs, and more. The Finesse Light’s sensitive carbon rod blank helps detect cover, structure, and, most importantly, bites more easily. The moderate action helps provide a parabolic bend throughout the rod blank, which increases your leverage while casting and shock absorption while battling fish

Pairs With: Small plastics and hardbaits with exposed hooks — small jerkbaits, finesse soft plastics, small crankbaits.

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