Chasebaits Squid

How To Fish “Squid Style” Baits Like The Chasebaits Ultimate Squid

Fishing with squid style baits like the Chasebaits Squid sounds a lot crazier than it actually is. Squid bodies naturally resemble something between a tube and a skirted jig, except they taste better. Wait, why haven’t we been using these more often? Baby squid are a common forage when you move further offshore or into fast water moving channels when you are targeting inshore species including stripers.

How To Fish The Chasebaits Squid

chasebaits squid

The key to fishing these baits is to think like a jig. There are a few retrieves you can focus on, but fishing them vertically will give off the most “squid-like” presentation. Drop it down until it hits bottom, and give it a few twitches and bounces to see if anything will bite right in down there. If not, bring it back up slowly and jig it back to the boat.

To do this, start with your rod tip down near your feet. Raise your rod tip up and mix up the speeds with which you raise, but don’t lift too high. Squid swim in more of a fluttering motion, and violent erratic jerks is more likely to spook a fish than it is to garner you any strikes. Most of your bites will come while the bait is on it’s way back down, so you don’t want to scare them off the instant before.

Dragging And Swimming The Chasebaits Squid

Chasebaits Squid

Squid style baits can also be dragged or twitched to give off more of a “wounded” look. Stripers LOVE this tactic. Slowly drag the bait back along sandy bottoms or fish it almost like a jerk bait, where you give it an almost steady retrieve, mixing in a twitch of the rod tip here and there. This is both a fun way to fish, and a look most inshore predators can’t resist!

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