Choosing the Right Sunglasses and Lenses for the Right Fishing Conditions

This guest post was written by Todd HollowellFLW Tour Pro and Host of the WFN TV show the “Bass Dr.”  

Are your eyes on the prize? Most of us spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on equipment to give us the edge in fishing.  Have you invested this much in your sunglasses? Yes, you need them for safety reasons, but have you ever considered the fact that your sunglasses and lenses can help you catch more fish?

Today’s Bass Dr. prescription of the week is to choose a quality pair of polarized sunglasses, like the ones I wear from Solar Bat.  Don’t settle for cheap sunglasses, and don’t have just one pair with one tint.  I like to keep three different pairs and lens patterns with me to match the day’s conditions.


The first is the Amber lens. It’s great under lowlight conditions because it filters blue light.  I almost always wear this lens to start out the day.

The second is the Mossback lens because it brightens green colors and bleaches out the brown colors. This is the ultimate lens for sight fishing, because it makes the bass stand out and increases the contrast between the fish and the bottom.  I usually switch to this lens about mid-morning.

The third is a new lens tint by Solar Bat called Double Gradient.  You can get this lens in either the Amber or the Mossback tint, but it actually has two polarized tints in one lens.  When you’re looking straight ahead, it has a darker tint – but when you are looking down, it brightens your view into the water and increases the contrasts.  If you like to pitch, flip, or dropshot – you’re missing out if you don’t have the new Double Gradient lens.

Good luck on the water and don’t forget your sunglasses! For more tips like these, visit Todd Hollowell online at or

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