Craigslist Specials: The Ultimate Outdoor Camper For Under A Thousand Bucks

Like in fishing, scrolling through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace brings on the thrill of the hunt; I get genuinely excited scanning at unique versions of things that I am never going to buy. Call me crazy, but I like to know what’s out there.

Fishing is my hobby, job, and the genesis of almost every search entry on Craigslist, and every so often, I find something unique. Rather than making an offer, I typically send the eccentric advertisement to my buddies via text. It usually ends there and only reconvening when the next Craigslist special is found. But this time, I felt like spending a few minutes to share my thoughts with you.

The Original Craigslist Ad

Original Post: Has been used yearly for ice fishing or could be switched back to camping mode. All windows open and close properly. It does have plug in power and the lights do work inside. Road worthy with newer tires. Ice fishing murals painted on outside of a bunch of guys from the lake. 2” ball to haul.

What Is This Thing?

This is a camping trailer that has been converted to an ice fishing shanty. Meaning, this little love shack has frisbee sized holes drilled into its floor allowing anglers to pull fish directly through the ice and into the tricked out camper.

Ice fishing shanties are typically occupied by families and friends hunkering down to stay warm, share stories, and guzzle down carbonated drinks sourced in cities like Milwaukee or St. Louis. Hanging out in an ice shanty is like spending the afternoon in a friends cramped, unheated garage with the bonus chance of catching a fish. So yeah, it’s awesome.

A Four Season Paradise

Don’t just think this $950 lakeside retreat ends in the winter; we still have three more seasons where this camper can crush it.

If you need help convincing yourself or a loved one why spending $950 on a retrofitted 1967 camper with a custom paint job, is a good idea, here’s a few more use cases for this one of a kind find.

Winter Ice Fishing
Spring – Take it camping to a National Forest or State Park
Summer – Toss it in the backyard for added storage, or let the kids use it as a fort
Fall – The perfect basecamp for any hunting trip. Or leave it sitting in a field adjacent to the woods and use it as shooting blind next deer season, Wisconsin style! 

Well, that wraps up this Craigslist Special. Until next time, remember always to counter offer and conduct transactions in well-lit areas. Tight lines!

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