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Crankbaits For Panfish: How To Power Fish The Little Guys

Crankbaits For Panfish: How To Power Fish The Little Guys

Moving baits like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and rattling lipless crankbaits are all perfect for creating reaction strikes from bluegill, crappie, or perch. When panfish are finicky, the key to catching them on these baits is to slow it down. When you chuck and wind a spinnerbait or cast and retrieve a lipless crankbait through the strike zone, you are set up perfectly for reaction strikes.

Mix up the cadence on these retrieves, as you are still working on the tweaks to figure out what the fish would want. Rattling baits add some extra power to your technique than the typical crankbaits for panfish in low light or murky water, as the vibrations can annoy a fish into eating your lure. Rip it through grass, or just chuck and retrieve your bait through the muddy, murky waters where panfish may be hiding. Target points or structure they may be lingering near and wait for them to lunge out and strike.

Panfish Power Fishing Starter Pack

  • Crankbaits - Great for trolling in open water or casting near shallow brushpiles
  • Jerkbaits - The ability to pause a jerkbait makes them great in cooler conditions
  • Inline Spinnerbaits - An all time classic panfish lure, works especially well in rivers and streams
  • Micro Swimbaits - Rig swimbaits on ⅛-1/32 oz jig heads and target panfish at any depth in the water column

Updated February 3rd, 2022 at 5:38 AM CT