What Are Those!?! Why Crocs Are The BEST Fishing Shoe Ever

”What are those!?!”

Do you know those types of things that really don’t fit in a specific bucket? Crocs are those. Not quite a clog and not really a sandal, but DANG are they comfortable. Yet, comfiness doesn’t always prevail, since their debut, Crocs have been consistently called out for their lack of fashion.

The first Crocs (called The Beach) debuted at a Florida boat show in 2002 but it would take another 5 years for them to become a household brand. That’s when acting president George W. Bush was seen in the classic dad-look of crocs and socks.

Crocs began to spread like WILDFIRE across the country and the controversy followed. People just couldn’t get over the fact of how ugly these shoes really were.

Oh, hey there George!

Since then, Crocs have been called – cool, un-cool, practical, ugly, and even iconic. It all depends on who you’re talking to. But right now, you’re with me, and I think Crocs are the best fishing shoe of all time… Here’s why:

5 Reasons Crocs Rock

Croc life.
  1. They float like a boat! No more sunken shoes with these babies!
  2. They dry incredibly fast making them perfect for launching a boat or kayak.
  3. They’re Cheap! Get one pair of Crocs for under $50 and they should last you for years to come.
  4. Easy To Clean – Hose them down, hit them with a rag, or just drag your feet through high grass and your crocs will look clean.
  5. They Don’t Smell – Crocs aren’t porous which means the smell from your stinky feel won’t linger like in gym shoes.

Pics Of My PERSONAL Fishing Friends Wearing Crocs

Pharrell - Justin
This is my friend Justin leaving the doctor’s office right before a big smallmouth trip we went on.
Crocs  - Pharrell
This is my good buddy Pharrell in Crocs. We are fishing Lake Guntersville in April.
Crocs  - Arianna
This is a pic of my bestie Arianna as we were leaving to hammer crappie last weekend.
Crocs  - Shia
This is my friend Shia. TBH He’s a bit of a wildcard.
Crocs  - Post Malone
This is my fishing buddy Austin. Huge catfish guy.

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