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Don’t Fish In Miami Because Of The Poop In The Water

According to Newsweek, there is too much poop in parts of Miami’s waterways to swim or fish. Hilarious. I love Florida. Just last week they had a guy bring a grenade to a Taco Bell, and now they’re just dumping poo right into the water.

The Miami-Dade County released a warning against swimming, fishing, or boating after a malfunction at a pump station released 720,000 gallons of sewage.

Here is the map provided of where NOT to boat, fish, or swim, and it looks like it’s pretty much just all of Miami.

Hopefully for you Florida anglers the poop dissolves (I don’t know how they fix this problem) soon and you can get right back to swimming and fishing in whatever other weird stuff is in the water down there. Long Live Florida.

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