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Early Morning Summer Topwater Tips

Although bass can be caught all day on a topwater, knowing a few morning topwater tips can help lead to more bites. These low light conditions allow the bass to be more active than when the sun is beating down during the middle of the day. In the morning when the sun is first coming out is a great time for bass to come up to the surface to feed on panfish that are looking for their food on the surface. Throwing topwater baits through these areas where there are panfish can result in some great topwater action.

Topwater Tips For Getting Bit This Summer

Don’t forget about frogs! Even in low light conditions bass still love weeds and will still hit a frog in them. For early mornings start by working the edges of the weeds where the bass may be roaming before getting into the thick stuff. Again, change the speeds as you walk the frog to see what cadence is getting bit the most. This would also be a good time to throw a popping frog for that extra surface commotion.

Finesse Topwater With A Plastic Worm

One of the best baits to have with you when fishing top water is a plastic worm. My preference is a wacky rigged stick bait. When fishing topwater you are bound to get strikes that don’t hook up. When you do, quickly toss the plastic into the spot where the blow up was. Often times this will result in a bite as the bass will be looking for what they just hit at on the surface. I use the wacky rig because it gives good vibration and appears close to a wounded baitfish that the bass knocked down from the surface.

Topwater Tips: Don't Forget The Bug Juice!

As always when fishing early and late at night don’t forget to bring some bug spray. Bugs can be just as pesky in the morning as they are at night. A nice little trick for helping with bugs is to wear a necko. These excel at protecting you from sun burn but can definitely help keep the bugs off of you too. A flashlight is another great tool, especially if you start before the sun comes up. Finally, always remember to bring water. Even though the early mornings aren’t as hot, you still need to stay hydrated. Keep these tips in mind to maximize your time out fishing for early morning summer topwater bass.

Updated August 19th, 2020 at 5:26 AM CT