The All-New 3.5″ Eeliminator From GameChanger Lures

A little over a year a go we started working with legendary lure designer Steve Parks to develop what is now the GameChanger Lures Eeliminator. A slender baitfish profile is paired together with a gently tapering tail end that is finished off with a patented range flange. The 4.5″ version has been a smashing success, with anglers rating it a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Karl’s Bait & Tackle.

Why We Made a 3.5″ Version

  • You spoke, we listened. We got a ton of great feedback on the 4.5″ version but customers reached out and said that a 3.5″ would work great in their areas.
  • For multi-species anglers who target smallmouth, walleye and inshore fish
  • Makes a great trailer for the GameChanger Lures Trashmaster Jig
  • Smaller profile is more inviting to finicky or pressured fish

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