Every State Walleye Record In America

Did you know the world record Walleye was caught in Tennessee? That’s right, I said TENNESEE! 

Typically when people think of Walleye they think of  Nothern states with blistering cold winters and strong allegiances to dairy. This is not wrong as Walleye were originally found only in the Great Lakes Region and Missouri and Mississippi River Basins.

However, thanks to hard work from state agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the country, Walleye have been successfully introduced to over 40 US states!  This introduction has strengthened walleye fishing and culture to ensure a bright future for the next generation of anglers. So, get out to your Walleye lake and start fishing, you’re not going to catch the next state record sitting on the couch! 

Walleye State Records:

State Weight Location Angler Date
Alabama 10 lbs 14 oz Weiss Reservoir Julia Hurley 6/24/1980
Arizona 16 lbs 1.76 oz Show Low Lake Gregg Munck 11/18/2002
Arkansas 22 lbs 11 oz
Greers Ferry Lake
Al Nelson 3/12/1982
Colorado 18 lbs 13 oz Standley Lake Scott Regan 1997
Connecticut 14 lbs 8 oz Candlewood Lake George Britto 1941
Delaware 6 lbs 14 oz Brandywine River Nesbit Copenhaver 7/23/1995
Georgia 11 lbs 6 oz Richard B. Russell Lake Neal Watson 9/11/1995
Idaho 17 lbs 14 oz Oakley Reservoir Damon Rush 9/10/2011
Illinois 15 lbs 0.8 oz Pecatonica River James Zimmerman 2012
Indiana 14 lbs 4 oz Little Kankakee River Leon Richart 1974
Indiana 14 lbs 4 oz Tippecanoe River Donal Tedford 1977
Iowa 14lbs 8 oz Des Moines River Gloria Eoriatti1986
Kansas 13 lbs 2.56 oz Wilson Reservoir Dustin Ritter 4/17/1996
Kentucky 21 lbs 8 oz Lake Cumberland Abe Black 10/1/1958
Maryland 14 lbs 4 oz Jennings Randolph Reservoir John McCarley 5/16/1998
Massachusetts 11 lbs 0 oz Quabbin Reservoir Robert Methot 1975
Michigan 17 lbs 3.04 oz Pine River Ray Fadely 1951
Minnesota 17 lbs 8 oz Seagull River Leroy Chiovitte 5/13/1979
Mississippi 9 lbs 10.56 oz Tennessee River Clayton E. Hobbs 1/19/1985
Missouri 21 lbs 1 oz Bull Shoals Lake Gerry Partlow 3/26/1988
Montana 17 lbs 12 oz Tiber Reservoir Robert Bob Hart 11/18/2007
Nebraska 16 lbs 2 oz Lake McConaughy Herbert J. Cutshall 7/5/1971
Nevada 15 lbs 4 oz Lahontan Reservoir Billy Foster 1998
New Hampshire 12 lbs 8.8 oz Connecticut River Anthony Bartolini 5/4/1992
New Jersey 13 lbs 9 oz Delaware River George Fundell 1993
New Mexico 16 lbs 9 oz Clayton Lake G.L. Peppers 9/19/1999
New York 16 lbs 9 oz Mystic Lake Thomas Reed 1/20/2009
North Carolina 13 lbs 8 oz Lake Chatuge Lamar L. Cofer 8/16/1986
North Dakota 15 lbs 13 oz Missouri RiverNeal Leier 2018
Ohio 16 lbs 3.04 oz Lake  Erie Tom Haberman 11/23/1999
Oklahoma 12 lbs 13 oz Robert S Kerr Kerry Carter 5/8/2004
Oregon 19 lbs 15.3 oz Columbia River Arnold Berg 1990
Pennsylvania 17 lbs 9 oz Allegheny River Mike Holly 1980
South Carolina 10 lbs 0 oz Richard B. Russell Lake Robert Huskins 1994
South Dakota 15 lbs 3 oz Lake Sharpe George Heyde 4/7/1979
Tennessee 25 lbs 0 oz Old Hickory Reservoir Mabry Harper 8/3/1960
Texas 11 lbs 14.08 oz Lake Meredith Hank McWilliams Jr. 2/26/1990
Utah 15 lbs 9 oz Provo River Jeffery Tanner 1991
Vermont 14 lbs 8.8 oz Lake Champlain Richard Levesque 2/10/2010
Virginia 15 lbs 15 oz New River Anthony P. Duncan 12/15/2000
Washington 19 lbs Columbia River Mike Hepper 2/5/2007
West Virginia 17 lbs .82 oz Kanawha River Steve Skeens 2003
Wisconsin 18 lbs 0 oz High Lake unknown 9/16/1933
Wyoming 17 lbs 6.72 oz Boysen Reservoir Stan Seivewright 1991

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  1. I hope you guys know that Washington States’ record is very outdated. The current record was caught a few miles from my home in Pasco, Washington and it weighed 20.32 pounds. It was caught on March 5th, 2014 by John Grubenhoff. The huge ‘eye is an absolute tank of a fish. I am only posting this because as a fisherman myself, I should represent my state and set the record straight.


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