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How To Use A Stick Bait To Imitate Suspended Shad

The stick bait (or Senko) is one of the most effective lures in any angler’s tackle box. Despite not being the “sexiest” of lures and having minimal flash, they get bit. There are limitless ways to rig the stick bait: the wacky rig, Neko rig, Ned rig, or even just weightless, just to name a few. But this trick for fishing a stick bait on a dropshot rig is perfect when you need to imitate shad or suspended baitfish.

Using A Stick Bait To Imitate Shad
feider shad exostick

The gist of this technique is to get your bait to pendulum swing, right through the column of suspended baitfish. It’s easier than it sounds. First, rig a stickbait on a dropshot rig. From there, all you have to do is cast out (give it a little extra umph), and close the bail as soon as your bait hits the water.

The timing on you locking the bail will cause the slack in your line to tighten, and the stick bait to swing backwards towards you, above the dropshot weight, like a pendulum. Mix in a few shakes to the tip of the rod and reel slowly, it will swing through the column back to you. Float it right through a big batch of suspended baitfish, and you’re sure to get bit if bass are actively feeding nearby.

What Stick Baits To Use To Imitate Shad

The BioSpawn ExoStick, in the brand new “Feider Shad” color, is your best bet. The color was hand picked by Pro Angler Seth Feider, one of the best smallmouth fishermen in the world. Seth recommends the 5 inch bait, but also says he likes to trim down to 4 inches when targeting smalljaws.

When you pair this technique with this bait, you are primed for one heck of a day on the water. Check your electronics for a school of suspended shad, rig the BioSpawn ExoStick in Feider Shad on a drop shot, and get to casting!

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