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Fish a classic with Panther Martin inline spinners

Fish a classic with Panther Martin inline spinners

By: Evan Gregor

Staying power is a hard thing to come by in the fishing world. As angler behaviors change, different lures and lure manufacturers come in and out of style. Panther Martin, one of the original makers of the inline spinner, has remained an industry titan for two reasons: uniqueness and versatility. While inline spinners aren’t the talk of the bait shop like they once were, they are an essential piece of any angler’s arsenal. Depending on the length and weight of the bait, Panther Martin spinners are the favorite of bluegill, bass, trout, pike, musky, and more; all because of a few key features that make them irresistible to hungry fish.

Of all the components that go into the traditional inline spinner, perhaps none are more fish-attracting than the blade. The flash and vibration of an inline spinner blade helps to mimic baitfish. For over 60 years, Panther Martin spinners have sported a convex/concave blade that gives off a ton of flash and a tight, consistent revolution and churn when retrieved.

In the same way that Panther Martin’s sport a distinctive blade, they also feature a unique, teardrop style body weight. This allows for a back heavy weight distribution that allows for the bait to fall straight down on a pause in your retrieve. This quirky feature can end up being downright seductive to fish.

One last interesting thing to note with Panther Martin’s design is their hook selection. Panther Martin has long been known for having razor-sharp hooks on its baits, and now, you can purchase Panther Martin spinners with either treble or single hooks. If you live in an area that prohibits the use of treble hooks, Panther Martin’s Classic Single Hook is ideal.

Getting back to the basics can be just what the doctor ordered for many anglers, and there’s nothing like throwing an inline spinner when things get tough. If you are looking for an inline spinner that’s unique and versatile, Panther Martin may be just the spinner for you.

Panther Martin DualFlash Spinner
Karl's Club$4.79

Panther Martin Spinner
Karl's Club$3.83

Panther Martin Dressed Spinner
Karl's Club$4.39

Panther Martin Deluxe Spinner
Karl's Club$4.23

Panther Martin Single Hook Spinner Kit
Karl's Club$16.79

Updated April 14th, 2022 at 7:59 AM CT