If You Could Fish Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be? – Featuring Jon B

Youtube angler, Jon B has fished all across the globe, venturing into some of the wildest places on earth—a few I didn’t even know existed.

His ability to capture these fishing adventures has allowed him to make a cast in places many of us only dream about.

I recently asked Jon for his five fishing trips, one because I was personally curious and two because I thought you might be too.

Jon replied back within 10 minutes —providing a list of his five favorite fishing trips along with a link for each video.

His text pumped me up for two reasons; (1) I could easily turn this into a cool blog, (2) Jon B hit me with the quick text back!

According to the man himself, here are Jon B’s five favorite fishing trips of all time.

Devils River, Texas

Fishing SUPER Clear River With Topwater Frogs

Texas’ Devil’s River is an extraordinarily remote and ultra-clear waterway nestled in the barren hills of West Texas. 

Throughout his kayak fishing float trip, Jon targets the elusive and rare Texas state fish, the Guadalupe bass. 

The Guadalupe Bass - state of Texas : flyfishing
An example of a healthy Guadalupe Bass.
PC: Reddit

Native to the Devils River, Guadalupe, or “guads” as Jon calls them, can only found be found in select places, making them a bucket list fish for loads of bass anglers.

Nantucket, Massachusets


Nantucket is located off the coast of Massachusetts and is known as a summertime haven for wealthy New Englander’s looking to escape the city. 

In addition to your typical tourist scene, Nantucket is home to a vibrant fishing history that is still thriving today.

Jon teams up with a local angler Elliot Sudal ~ aka @acksharks ~ to get a taste of what this legendary island has to offer.

It didn’t take long for Jon to catch a fish big enough to break his personal best and old enough to be his grandfather.

Delacroix, Louisiana

Crazy Shallow Water Fishing For Saltwater Swamp BEASTS

Jon B and his lifelong fishing buddy Alex Peric ventured south to target the legendary Louisiana Redfish.

This video showcases the antics between these two lifelong friends while demonstrating how versatile bass lures can be when targeting redfish.

Jon and Peric sling swimbaits and other bass tackle with the hopes to tangle with gnarly redfish. To me, it looks like bass fishing on steroids.

Central Maine

Incredible Ice Fishing Battle With MEGA BROOK TROUT!

Jon B grew up fishing the Midwest (get it?), which is likely why ice fishing is so exciting to him.

Along with many, Jon likes the adventure and experience of chasing different species through the ice.

To me, that screams hardcore. Only a hardcore fishing freak would rank ice fishing for trout in Maine over the countless beach vacations Jon B has experienced.

Amazon River

The Fish That Broke The Record

Jon loads up the gear and heads down to South America to tangle with the Amazon River’s most notorious fish, the Peacock Bass.

This video is raw, adrenaline-pumping, and it captures Jon fishing outside his comfort zone.

Together, this makes for an incredible 18 minutes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the word’s of Jon B, KEEP FISHING. NEVER STOP.

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