Pike Freezes While Trying To Swallow A Bass Whole!

Wait, how?? A pike froze clear in its tracks while trying to devour a HUGE bass. The fish was found by a curious angler who thankfully cut into the ice to give us a all a better look at the two icicles.

Some “engineer” used “science” to claim the pike tried to eat the bass, choked, died, floated, and froze. Makes sense, but, WHATEVER.

I choose to believe the bass was already swallowed whole, and was swimming backwards in an attempt to escape, driving the pike all around the lake. And at the exact moment the water hit freezing temperatures, he tried to jump out of the water and finish his escape but got stuck. Feel free to go with whichever of those stories you want.

Either way, this is pretty cool and while he didn’t catch it, if I were him I’d still have that mounted in my garage before the spring.


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