kamooki smart craw

Introducing The Kamooki Smart Craw, A Revolutionary Lipless Crank

Welcome to the lipless crank revolution, starring the Kamooki Smart Craw.

The tackle industry is rapidly changing, and one of the key ways its happening is through the integration of new technologies. In plastics, it’s the high tech CAD designed molds and multi-color injection process. In hard baits, it’s the advent of internal weighting systems, advanced polymers, and high tech painting systems that can literally print lifelike designs right on the sides of the blanks.

Because of all this innovation, we find ourselves greeting each year’s new products, usually debuted at ICAST, as eagerly as a kid on Christmas morning.

We recently came across a new lipless crankbait that we can’t wait to share with you. Made by Canada’s Kamooki Lures, the bait is called the Smart Craw – and we think it’s going to be a game changer in the lipless cranking world.

The Smart Craw isn’t just another lipless crank. In fact, it’s hard to even consider it just a lipless crank when it is really a hard bodied crawfish, but that is the category it falls into. Its design is centered on a uniquely shaped zinc keel, which gives it an unbelievable balance point and wobble. The bait is tail weighted, which allows it to literally balance with a perfect “claws up” posture whenever stopped – regardless of the bottom substrate. This is a natural defensive position for crayfish, and it is already getting rave reviews from anglers fishing it on a stop and go retrieve.


The best way to fish this bait is just like any other lipless crank, with a rip through the weeds, bounce off the rocks type of retrieve. The alternative way to fish The Smart Craw, which is gaining steam as a new way to put fish in the boat, is to pitch it into open water and dance it along the bottom. The stance of the bait, by design, imitates a defenseless craw, so letting it’s weighted body stand straight up sets it up perfectly for a sneak attack from a bass looking for an easy meal!

You can also cast this thing a mile and alternate your retrieve with a quick stop and go. This gives it an action of shallow dive, followed by slow float to the surface, another movement that rings the dinner bell for predators. There are several effective ways to fish the Smart Craw, and they all produce BIG numbers!

The Smart Craw is 3 inches long, weighs ½ ounce, and comes in 6 top crawfish patterns. It’s also got a unique look and 3D texture, which really sets it apart from other lipless cranks.

If you’re looking to step up your lipless cranking game, check one out this summer, available here! Learn even more about the Kamooki Smart Craw with this video from Kamooki Lures:

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