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Bass Boats 101:  The Absolute Essentials For Your Boat

Bass Boats 101: The Absolute Essentials For Your Boat

So, you've been looking at bass boats. Now what? You already know the look and feel of the boat, but what else do bass boats need to accessorize and help you catch the most fish? A bass boat with a high-powered outboard engine will get you quickly to your favorite fishing spot, and that is just the beginning.Once you arrive at your final destination, your boat should be equipped with some essentials that will improve your chances of catching bass. Two of the most important pieces of equipment for finding and staying close to bass are a depth finder/GPS combo unit and a trolling motor.

Even though depth finders have become a key to unlocking secret fishing spots, these units remain one of the least understood pieces of equipment in a bass angler’s boat. We have long been able to view the bass’ world right under the boat with sonar and in recent years side imaging has allowed us to view bass hideouts on either side of the boat.A view of the whole wide world of bass is now available to anglers since electronics manufacturers offer units displaying all-encompassing images from the front, sides, rear and directly below the boat. This new technology combined with GPS and electronic mapping allows you to find bass hideouts and keep track of bass and baitfish movements.Cable-steer trolling motors on bass boats have dominated the bass market for years based on the shallow-water techniques used for bass fishing. A cable steer trolling motor is still best for anglers who want to control their boat quickly in tight spots while flipping and pitching because they know from the position of their foot where the motor is turning.

Space-age technology is changing the bass fishing world’s view of remote controlled trolling motors though as more and more anglers explore offshore locations. Electric-steer trolling motors with sophisticated GPS remote guidance systems are giving anglers better boat control than they have ever had before. The major trolling motor manufacturers now offer a feature that controls boat positioning via GPS with the electric-steer trolling motor. With this feature you can walk away from the front of the boat and the trolling motor will keep the boat in position or track a designated bottom contour.Another accessory that has become a bass boat essential for many shallow water anglers is an electronic or hydraulic anchoring system. The poles on these systems dig into the bottom and keep the boat anchored so you can avoid using the trolling motor and spooking bass in the shallows. Some of the units also feature drift paddles for slowing down a boat’s drift in deep water.

Updated April 25th, 2017 at 6:09 AM CT