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The 15 Places You Absolutely Need On Your Fishing Bucket List

The 15 Places You Absolutely Need On Your Fishing Bucket List

For any die-hard angler, you have to have a fishing bucket list. Certain fish you want to catch, certain places you want to catch them, and certain people you want to catch them with.Certain rivers, streams and lakes just HAVE to be seen and fished to be believed. We’ve selected these 15 spots to add to your fishing bucket list:

1. The McCloud River

Source: FlyWaterTravelNestled in the shadows of Mt. Shasta and the Cascade Mountains of Northern California, this picturesque river is an absolute honeyhole for trout.

2. Lake Okeechobee

Source: FloridaPrairieFlorida’s largest lake is a bass factory, high in both quality and quantity. If you can make the trip here, you will catch TONS of big bass.

3. The California Delta

Source: TripAdvisorThis fisherman’s paradise winds throughout the perfect fishing weather terrain of Northern California and produces bites 365 days a year.

4. Mille Lacs Lake

Source: MNGInteracticeIn typical Minnesota fashion, Mille Lacs Lake's beautiful resorts pull in tourists to fish walleye in the summer and ice fish throughout the winter.

5. Cape Cod

Source: LonelyPlanetCape Cod is one of the most scenic places in America, and should be on your travel bucket list regardless. It’s just a HUGE bonus that it happens to boast some of the best saltwater fishing on the east coast.

6. Falcon Lake

Source: SnooperReportAnglers from all over the state of Texas venture to this reservoir on the Rio Grande for the steady diet of gigantic bass that populate its waters.

7. Lake Of The Ozarks

Source: CamdenTonCityOne of the largest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Of The Ozarks has over 1,000 miles of shore to explore and catch several species of fish.

8. Puget Sound

Source: DguidesWashington’s pride and joy, Mount Rainier looks down on the sound between Tacoma and Seattle loaded with piers to shore fish, or docks to launch your boat into the deeper channels.

9. Kodiak Island

Source: GCI.NetAlaska should be on every angler’s fishing bucket list, but Kodiak Island in particular should be your first stop. The salmon fishing is so great you’ll have to be sure you’re not casting where bears usually graze for dinner.

10. Lake Charlevoix

Source: RichardTheRealtorA popular vacation spot in Michigan, this lake harbors some beautiful views, lakefront vacation homes, and a full stock of hungry bass.

11. Lake Havasu

Source: MyHavasuHomesKnown more for the spring break activities and houseboat parties, Lake Havasu is home to largemouth, stripers, and several panfish that make this lake a party for anglers, too.

12. Grand Traverse Bay

Source: H260With majestic views of the lake as far as the eye can see and sharing the coastline with beautiful Lake Charlevoix, you’ll think you’re there to deep-sea fish. Instead, you’ll be lucky enough to take part in some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in America.

13. The Bois Brule River

Source: JSOnlineFormer President Calvin Coolidge had a summer home on The Bois Brule River, falling in love with the slow moving streams perfect for a canoe ride or targeting trout.

14. Lake Coeur d’Alene

Source: VisitNorthernIdahoThis beautiful lake in Idaho gives anglers a chance to catch Chinook Salmon year round, as well as bass in the spring and summer.

15. Toledo Bend Reservoir

Source: LouisianaTravelThe largest manmade body of water in Texas, Toledo Bend borders Louisiana and Texas, and has played host to several Bassmaster tournaments due to its sure-thing status for catching largemouth bass.This post was originally written by the Mystery Tackle Box team and featured with our partners on The Cheat Sheet.

Updated February 23rd, 2016 at 11:24 AM CT