9 Fishing Gifts That Don’t Suck

Anglers are notoriously hard to please when it comes to fishing gifts. Picking a gift anglers will want to use is no easy task for those who don’t fish themselves. And even for those who do, every angler has their personal preferences when it comes to gear. But that doesn’t mean gift-givers have to succumb to the easy way out and give a boring gift card. There are several great fishing gifts out there that almost any angler will love. Here they are:

1. Mystery Tackle Box 

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

A fun way for anglers to discover new lures every month takes guessing from buying tackle. Gift recipients can select their species and customize their account, great value, and free shipping.

Mystery Tackle Box is the original and largest monthly tackle subscription, with over 2.6 MILLION boxes shipped (and counting). Every month, anglers will receive fishing products from top brands customized to catch the recipient’s fish. In addition to tackle, subscribers receive custom stickers & decals, contests, a fishing magazine, and more! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Fishing Storage Bag

Flambeau Outdoors Backpack
$85.00 Karl’s Club Member Price
$106.25 Non-Member Price
Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

The Flambeau Backpack features one of the most easily customized, spacious tackle bags on the market. The ultimate in soft side storage systems. Extreme durability and refined aesthetic designed to be a boathouse in a bag. If the organization and transportation of your tackle aren’t enough, Flambeau also creates multiple other nifty gadgets!

3. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

One of the most famed spinning reels, the Pfleuger President can stand up to any presentation that calls for spinning gear. Drop shot, wacky rig, even walk a lightweight popper with the Pfleuger President! When your favorite angler wants to put the baitcaster away for a finesse presentation, this reel is the choice for them!

4. A Performance Fishing Shirt

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

Built for long days on the water, these moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirts are must-haves for any serious angler. The fabric is designed to protect you from the elements while also breathing easily. This means you don’t have to bundle to stay warm or go sleeveless to stay cool. This performance shirt does it all for you!

5. Simms Fishing Gear: Bags, Hats, And Jackets

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

The Simms Dry Creek Roll Bag is the perfect adventure bag for any person who ventures outdoors. No matter who you are or what you do, staying dry and warm is essential if you want to be outside. The Simms Dry Creek Roll Bag has a roll top seal design that helps this pack stay completely dry. Stuff extra clothes, electronics, or other valuables that you need to stay safe and secure.

6.  A New Fishing Rod

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

Even when rods weren’t sold commercially, anglers were crafting their own using thin tree limbs. I think this highlights the importance of a rod when fishing. At Karls, we have affordable entry rod level options in addition to high-end tournament-grade sticks, which gives you, the shopper, plenty of solid options to choose from.

7. Holiday Themed Fishing Shirts

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

Uhhh…because it’s awesome? Obviously! The Catch Co Fishmas Long Sleeve Shirt will be the hit at your next holiday party. Built to fit well and remain comfortable after continued washes.

8. Fishing Stocking Stuffers

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

From bass fishing sandals to fishing-themed drink coasters, Karl loaded up on the perfect little stocking stuffers for the angler in your life. Whether it’s for sprucing up the fishing cave or just helping someone wave that angler flag, Karl’s has the quirkiest fishing gifts available today.

9. Karl’s Fishing Gift Certificate

Why This Makes A Great Fishing Gift For 2021:

Let them pick the gift! Give your favorite angler the gift of freedom! Freedom of choice that is. With a physical gift card to my online tackle shop, the gift recipient has the opportunity to choose their tackle, gear, or Mystery Tackle Box. This eliminates the risk of YOU choosing the wrong piece of fishing equipment. Let’s face it. Anglers can be picky about their fishing gifts. So letting them pick from any of our mega-awesome deals is a great choice for a gift.

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