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Fishing Is Good For Mental Health, According To Science

Fishing Is Good For Mental Health, According To Science

According to science I read on the internet (so you know it's true), my hypothesis has been correct for years. Fishing is good for mental health.

Fishing is the cure for everything. I've known this for years. Bass fishing heals all wounds. Sad? Get on a boat. Stressed? Wet a line. Girlfriend dump you? Let those tears fall right into the water.

According to Niels Eek, “One study specifically found that daily exposure to nature can, among other things, help reduce feelings of stress, and even improve your self-esteem, for up to seven hours.”

Think about that for a second. If you just go fishing, you'll think you're cool. PROVEN by BioScience. Fishing has also been proven to be more effective than hiking, camping, or biking as a mental health aide, making it the leader of all outdoor hobbies for mental wellness.

If you're somehow still reading this instead of fishing, here's the original article, including some more scientific backing on why fishing is so great for our brains with data from scientists and companies like FishBrain.

Moral of the story: Fishing is just the best, and can cure literally anything.

Updated January 15th, 2019 at 7:51 AM CT