Fishing The Optimium Baits Baby Line Thru Swimbait with Professional Angler, Michael Murphy


Mystery Tackle Box subscribers received the Optimum Baits 4” Baby Line Thru swimbait in their October Mystery Tackle Box this month. Michael Murphy, professional angler, shares why the Baby Line Thru swimbait is one of his go-to baits for bass year round!

baby_line_thru_blogCould you please just share a couple thoughts about the Optimum Baby Line Thru swimbait?  It is a great search bait, especially in clear water and when fish are in the shallows around spawn… however, it is not limited to just shallow water and has been effective out in open water counting it down to a specific water column.

What situations and conditions does this bait excel in?
When fish are in the shallows in the spring and fall.

How could you use them to mimic different types of baitfish (shad, blueback herring, bluegill, etc.)?
It is a cross between a typical swimbait and a wakebait.  It truly gives you the best of both worlds when matching the hatch.  Simply match the many available colors to what you are trying to mimic, whether it is a bluegill, shad or blueback.

What time of year is best for the Baby Line Thru?
Really any time of the year, but it excels in the spring and fall when the fish are shallow. By shallow, I mean being visible to the surface.  For instance, if fish are starting to get 10 foot are less and it is 10 foot clarity, and they can see the surface (at any depth of clarity), they will eat it.

What sets it apart from other swimbaits?
As I mentioned earlier, it can eliminate the need to have two rods tied with each a swimbait and a wakebait.  It does both and is great at effectively finding fish and covering water, drawing out the biggest fish in the area.

What is the best way to use it in the fall?
Points, ditches in creeks, pockets, and wind blown banks. Basically, anywhere you find baitfish ganged-up.

What gear (rod, reel, line size) do you use when you throw the Optimum Baits 4” Baby Line Thru?
For the Optimum Baits Baby Line Thru, I prefer a Denali Rods Rosewood series 7’4″ Heavy Action Rod with a 6:4 Gear Ratio Lew’s BB1 and 20lb Fluorocarbon.

Is there anything else you think Mystery Tackle Box subscribers should know about the Baby Line Thru?
One thing I forgot to mention and one of THE most important features, is that a HUGE benefit to the Baby Line Thru swimbait is the durability through the design in that the body and hook are built on a slide system.  When a fish is hooked the swimbait will slide up your line, taking away all leverage for the fish to throw the lure.  This helps to also keep the lure lasting longer by not getting beat up by the fish.  An excellent feature!

Thank you so much Michael for taking the time to speak to us today about the Optimum Baits 4” Baby Line Thru Swimbait!  

Be sure to check out Michael Murphy’s page at or by liking his Facebook page!  And, be sure and check out these two great videos on the Optimum Baits Baby Line Thru swimbait below.

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