Is It Better To Buy Fishing Fishing Rod And Reels Separately Or Together As Fishing Combos?

Whether you’re at a fast food joint or a tackle shop, buying a combo is a great way to save time and money. 

I always buy a meal combo at a fast food joint so I can get my order in faster and it’s cheaper than ordering individual items on the menu. A beginning angler should also buy a combo to save money and spend less time mulling through all of the different rod and reel sizes and styles.

The Zebco Snoopy rod and reel combo has introduced countless children to fishing throughout the years and other spincast combos featuring comic book heroes and Disney characters are now available for children to cast.  When I started fishing as a child my first rod and reel was a spincast combo and when I became proficient at casting it I graduated to a spinning rod and gradually switched to a baitcast rod and reel for bass fishing. 

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a fishing combo and a few reasons you should not buy a combo.

Why You Should Buy Rod And Reels In Combination

Buying a spincast combo makes the most sense for a beginning angler because it is inexpensive and the easiest of the three combos to learn how to cast.  Some spincast combos are sold as starter kits with line already spooled on the reel and a casting plug you can use to practice casting before you go out on the water. 

Once you master the spincast outfit, you can consider purchasing a spinning rod and reel combo or baitcast combo depending on the species of fish you like to catch. Tackle manufacturers have done a good job building combos that are well balanced, fairly durable and compatible for handing an ample range of line sizes and lure types. Shopping for one of these combos is much easier than trying to wade through the vast selection of individual rods and reels available in the large chain tackle stores. 

These combos are great for weekend anglers on a budget because their price points are reasonable and the baitcast outfits in particular are versatile enough to use for multiple bass techniques.  An ultralight spinning combo is ideal for panfish because it combines a lightweight reel with a small spool for thin line (2- to 4-pound) test and the right rod length and action for casting small lures. 

A fly rod and reel combo was the right purchase for me during a recent visit to a fly shop. I confess to being a novice fly fisherman who owns one fly rod, but I wanted a heavier rod and reel for stripping a sculpin fly for trout.  I knew I would only be using the new outfit a couple of times a year, so I decided to buy a fly rod and reel combo that saved me some money and was already rigged with fly line and a tippet.  

Why You Should Buy Fishing Rod And Reels Separately

Advanced anglers are usually looking for quality and durability when purchasing a rod and reel.  They understand the features of the reels so they pick reels with more ball bearings for durability and mull over gear ratios so their reels can handle various retrieve speeds. Savvy anglers check out a rod’s composition to see if the blank is made of high quality graphite and has advanced ceramic ring guides that reduce line friction which translates into longer casts. 

Buying rods and reels individually provides you with a more comprehensive selection of products so you can make your own effective combo.  This freedom of choice allows serious anglers to match up a rod and reel for a specific technique that can be performed more effectively than a multipurpose rod and reel combo can achieve. 

Written By: John Neporadny
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