The 19 Best Team Mascots According To Anglers

We scrolled through different schools, colleges, and professional sports teams to assemble our list of the 19 best fishing-themed mascots. While this list is entirely opinionated, each of the 19 mascots is related to fishing culture or communities.

19) Miami Marlins

Level: Major League Baseball
Mascot: Billy The Marlin
Notes: The original Florida Marlins logo was much better.

18) San Jose Sharks

Level: Major League Hockey
Mascot: SJ Sharkey
Notes: Their minor league farm team is named the Barracudas.

17) Miami Dolphins

Level: Major League Baseball
Mascot: T.D.
Notes: From 1966-68, a dolphin named Flipper swam in a tank inside the stadium during home games, it was trained to leap out of the water after the Dolphins scored.

16) Columbus Catfish

Level: Minor League Baseball
Mascot: Hook
Notes: Hook their mascot is usually found floundering somewhere around Golden Park.

15) MAST Academy Makos

Level: High School
Mascot: Isurus
Notes: MAST Academy’s previous mascot was a pelican named Pete.

14) Ashland Oredockers

Level: High School
Mascot: Ole The Oredocker
Notes: The team is named after the dockworkers who helped transport ore, a valuable material used to make steel.

13) Gwinett Stripers

Gwinnett Stripers | Discover Lake Lanier

Level: Minor League Baseball
Mascot: Chopper
Notes: The Gwinett Stripers once sent our very own MTB Hatguy a free baseball cap.

12) Victoria Salmon Kings

Level: Minor League Hockey
Mascot: Unknown
Notes: Unfortunately, the Salmon King franchise disbanded in 2011. 

11) Clearwater Threshers

Level: Minor League Baseball
Mascot: Phinley
Notes: Thresher sharks whip their long tails to knock small fish unconscious before eating them.

10) Jupiter Hammerheads

Level: Major League Baseball
Mascot: Hamilton R. Head
Notes: A community-wide voting contest helped name the team and mascot.

9) Bayfield Trollers

Level: High School
Mascot: Troller
Notes: Located on the shores of Lake Superior and named after the town’s rich fishing history.

8) Idaho Steelheads

Level: Minor League Hockey
Mascot: Bonk and Blue
Notes: Lance Galbraith’s 1076 total penalty minutes is more than double any other player in franchise history.

7) Waco Blue Cats

Level: Minor League Baseball
Mascot: Bluecats
Notes: The team was created in 2016 and was named after the blue catfish, which swim locally in the Brazos River near the team’s stadium in Waco, Texas.

6) Miami Hi Tides

Level: High School
Mascot: Hi-Tide Harry
Notes: Babra Walters is among the school’s long list of notable alumni.

5) Carolina Mudcats

Level: Minor League Baseball
Mascot: Muddy
Notes: Mudcats is a slang term for flathead catfish.

4) Astoria Fishermen and Lady Fish

Level: High School
Mascot: Fighting Fishermen
Notes: The school’s student body is currently exploring options for a more inclusive mascot.

3) Lakeland University Muskies

Level: College
Mascot: Musko
Notes: The mascot is named after Wisconsin’s state fish, the Muskellunge, more commonly known as the musky.

2) Charlotte High School Fighting Tarpons

Level: High School
Mascot: Tarpon
Notes: Tarpons are hard-fighting fish but don’t typically wear boxing gloves.

1) Toledo Walleye

Level: Minor League Hockey
Mascot: Spike
Notes: The team plays down the road from Lake Erie which is often considered the best walleye fishing lake in the world.

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