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Get Your Hands On The Perfect Last-Minute Fishing Gift

Get Your Hands On The Perfect Last-Minute Fishing Gift

The holidays are almost here, but last-minute gift-givers should have no fear. Mystery Tackle Box will save the day with the perfect last-minute fishing gift for the angler in your life.

Choose from the 3, 6, or 12-month fishing certificates, which can be printed out or emailed to the recipient on their special day. Then, the angler (or you) logs online and selects the box type and shipping address. Once the gift subscription is redeemed, the first box is shipped out right away, and all future Mystery Tackle Boxes go out each month, usually arriving between the 7th-12th.

What Kind Of Fishing Are They For?

The Mystery Tackle Box gift plans allow anglers to choose from Bass, Walleye, Inshore Saltwater, Panfish & Trout, Multi-Species, and Ice Fishing (seasonally).

We don't offer Fly Fishing plans but our friends over at Post Fly do! Learn more about fly fishing gifts here!

Is Every Mystery Tackle Box The Same?

Nope! We send multiple variations out per month, and you'll never receive the same exact item twice.

Are They A Good Deal?

Yes! Every box helps anglers save between 30-40% compared to retail pricing on the best fishing lures on the market. Brands like Rapala, Strike King, Googan Squad, and Z-Man are routinely featured in Mystery Tackle Boxes along with innovative or regionally dominant lures from smaller brands. Every box also comes with a free fishing sticker, informative magazine, and YouTube videos breaking down every product in the box. This way, you're never left with a lure you don't know how to fish.

How Many Baits Come In Each Box?

Depending on the plan, a Mystery Tackle Box will contain anywhere between 5-12 premium fishing products. There are three tiers to Mystery Tackle Boxes - Regular, Pro, and Elite and the higher the tier, the more lures featured.

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Updated December 14th, 2021 at 3:33 AM CT