3 Ways To Rig The Googan Squad Bandito Bug

The Googan Squad Bandito Bug is a 4” soft plastic craw with six kicking appendages, two antennas, and a bunch of big fish drawing power. When rigged and fished correctly, the Bandito Bug resembles baitfish or crawfish, both certified bass snacks. The body style and flapping appendages allow the Bandito Bug to easily swim and kick, creating water disturbance throughout each cast.

Since it debuted in 2019, the Bandito Bug has been among the most favored soft plastic by both their fans and the Googan’s themselves.

Here are three versatile rigs for fishing the Googan Squad Bandito Bug:  

1) Texas Rigging The Bandito Bug

The Texas Rig is simple, effective, and can be worked in virtually any lake, river, or condition. This is not because it’s a magical fishing rig but instead just incredibly versatile. With so many rigging sizes, options, and presentations available, the Texas Rig might be the most versatile fishing rig in bass fishing.

First, slide a bullet weight on your line, then tie a hook, and finally, Texas Rig your Googan Squad Bandito Bug.

The leading weight can be adjusted in size depending on conditions. Heavier weights work best in deep water or heavy cover, and lighter bullet weights are ideal in shallow water or around sparse cover.

Rigging the Bandito Bug on a Texas Rig allows anglers to flip and pitch their baits at visually noticeable bass hangouts (docks, brush, grass lines). Or it can also be cast out and fished around areas like drop offs, points, humps, and deep brush piles. Use a dragging or hopping technique to draw strikes in these areas

2) The Bandito Bug Crushes On A Jig

Here are three reasons why the Googan Squad Bandito Bug makes it a premier jig trailer.

Shape: The Bandito Bug’s flat body style blends perfectly with a jig. It takes on a baitfish/crawfish look, but the flat-sided back allows for it to be easily skipped and pitched around docks.

Action: The arms stay flapping on this bait throughout your cast. As it descends, rises, and gets brought back to the boat, the Googan Bandito Bug is always kicking.

 Sauce: Each Bandito Bug is loaded with Googan approved fish attractant, which helps keep each bite holding on for even longer!

3) The Chatterbait (Bladed Jig) Combo

Sliding the Bandito Bug onto the back of a chatterbait, and you’ve got a hard-rocking power fishing duo. Together, the clicking sound from the jig and the six flapping appendages work in unison to create a symphony of bass calls.

Use this combo to target shallow water grass or docks throughout the year but pay close attention to this combo in the spring. The tight swimming action from a bladed jig makes it a preferred bait for early spring. You can work it quickly along a shallow shoreline while offering fish something with that tight wobble, the action they seem to prefer in cold water.

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