3 Simple Ways To Rig The Googan Squad Saucy Swimmer

The Googan Baits Saucy Swimmer is a soft-bodied plastic swimbait meant to look, feel, and most importantly, swim like a small fish. Designed with help from the entire Googan Squad, this saucy swimbait will have you dialed in on while supporting a legendary crew of anglers. The Googan Squad Saucy Swimmer can be burned, dragged, jigged, or slow-rolled on multiple rigs. Available in three size options and multiple colorways, which makes matching the hatch a breeze.

Here are three simple rigging suggestions for setting up this versatile swimbait. While this article highlights the Googan Sqaud Saucy Swimmer, you can apply these techniques to any similar soft-bodied swimbait.


1) Keel Weighted Swimbait Hook

The slim and streamlined profile of a swimbait rigged on keel-weighted hook enables you to fish shallow water weeds and structure while offering the natural look of a cruising minnow. The weight’s design and placement, known as a ”keel weight,” keeps your rig positioned upright throughout each cast, opposed to it over rotating from side to side. 

Where To Fish: Shallow water grass, docks, and brush

Pro Tip: In the summer, try burning your keel-weighted swimbait near the surface. This will get the paddle tail to wiggle and waggle at the top of the water, creating a wake and drawing in strikes.

2) Googan Saucy Swimmer: Jig Head

The Saucy Swimmer rigged on a standard ball head jig is one of the most effective moving baits for targeting bass in open, clear water. Swimbaits on a jig head are inexpensive, easy to rig, and can be fished using various techniques at nearly any depth. Rig your hook straight and center, running through the plastic, popping it out in the middle of the baits back. The straighter it’s rigged, the smoother it will swim, make a couple of attempts if you have to. 

Where To Fish: Any open water free of obvious snags. Use bright colors in murky conditions and switch to natural colors when the water is clear.

Pro Tip: Add a dollop of super glue to the back of your jighead before sliding on your soft plastic. This will keep the swimbait locked to your jig all day long.

3) Swimjig Trailer

Threading a Saucy Swimmer onto the back of a skirted swim jig instantly spikes your bait’s profile, the water it displaces, and your confidence in catching a fat bass from the grass. 

Swim jigs can be cast to wooded brush piles, along grass lines, or skipped under docks while offering a profile that resembles things like shad or bluegill. Bass lurking beneath trees, under docks, or along shallow water grass lines are common victims of the highly effective swimbait and swim jig combo.

Pro Tips

Shake and Bake! Keep your bait moving, and don’t be afraid to give it a shake! The typical ”cast and wind” retrieves catches fish, but many anglers believe adding an intermittent change in cadence will increase your chances. Shaking the tip of your rod will flare the threads of the jigs skirt, similar to how a baitfish might flare out its fins. 

Grip it and ript it – Ripping your swim jig through grass or overtop of vegetation will help draw bass out hiding in the weeds.

Skip To My Lou – Skipping a swim jig around docks and brush is extremely effective in the summer months when bluegill and baitfish suspend near these areas, seeking protection in the pilings of docks or branches of a brush pile. Bass push up shallow during feeding windows, and you can easily trick them with a swim jig combo.

Explore The Googan Squad Saucy Swimmer

Get a pack good swimbaits, use the rigs above, and start retrieving each bait using simple methods to target the fish near you more effectively.

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