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Grub Fishing 101: How To Catch Fish On Grubs

Grub Fishing 101: How To Catch Fish On Grubs

One of the most classic and versatile techniques that has kind of fallen off the deep end is grub fishing. Grubs have been around for many years, and they aren’t used very much anymore, but they can still be super effective when the bite gets tough.

What Is Grub Fishing All About?

A grub is a soft plastic bait that comes in a variety of sizes – 2”– 4”. It mimics a baitfish, as the curly tail vibrates and produces action when fishing it effectively. The two most common types of grubs are pictured above – a twin tail and a single tail. Everything presented in this article can be applied to both types of grubs.

How Do You Rig A Grub?

The most effective way to rig a grub is to use a lighter jighead-style hook (1/8 oz. or 1/4 oz.) and fish it with an exposed hook. You can use the photos below to help you rig the grub onto the hook.

Another easy, but effective way to rig a grub is a simple Texas rig. This way allows you to be more versatile as it is weedless.

What Equipment Do You Use For Grub Fishing?

When fishing a grub you want to use a medium power, moderate-fast action fishing rod. You want to use this because that light tip of the medium power will allow the fish to take the grub when you’re swimming it, and the moderate-fast action tip will allow you to get a proper hook set. This rod should be paired up with a 6:4:1 gear ratio (or slower) reel and spooled with lighter 6 lb – 10lb line.

How Do You Fish A Grub?

When using an exposed hook you are basically fishing it like you would a swimbait with an exposed hook, which is open water fishing. You want to cast out, let it sink down a few feet, and then start slowly cranking (adding some twitches and pauses along the way). If one was to fish it weedless, you could pop it out of some grass or other vegetation and let the tail do all the work for you and attract some bites.

Unusual Grub Fishing Methods

Some rather unusual ways to fish grubs are to either nose-hook it on a drop shot or use it as a jig trailer. When using it as a drop shot, that tail will flutter and kick with the smallest amount of effort, and as a trailer it adds more kick and vibration to whatever presentation you are using it on (best on spinnerbait and chatterbait).

Go Do Some Grub Fishing!

Grubs are soft plastic baits that can still be used today to catch fish. Go try it out on some pressured waters, and on some tough days. When that tail kicks in the water, it’s bound to get something hooked on the end of your line.This post was guest written by the Indiana University Bass Fishing Team.

Updated December 29th, 2020 at 3:04 AM CT