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Karl’s Bait & Tackle Is Almost Here!

First off, we just want to say how much we appreciate all of you. Without the massive following of all you passionate anglers, we wouldn’t be able to continue to push this company and idea as far as we have, or as far as we’re planning. We’re excited for what’s next, and all of the new, amazing benefits we’re going to be able to share with you. Here’s a sneak peek:

What Does This Mean For Mystery Tackle Box?

Let’s get this out of the way first: pretty much nothing. Mystery Tackle Box will continue to be the same subscription service you’re used to, helping you discover new tackle at a great price. You can still add-on to your box, you’ll still receive the same quality of tackle, and it will still be Christmas every month. If anything, it will make MTB better. Like a Mega-Christmas every month!

Site Refresh: Karl’s Bait & Tackle

As Karl VonDibble mentioned in this video, MysteryTackleBox.com will soon be replaced by Karl’s Bait & Tackle shop. The site will have a completely new look and offer a much larger assortment of products with better ways to save and discover. You’ll even be able to find some of your favorites you’ve received in your Mystery Tackle Box! (more details below!)

While Karl is changing the look and feel of our site, Mystery Tackle Box and Add-Ons will continue to be available on the site as it is now.

Better Product Assortment

Tired of buying tackle from multiple locations? We are too, so we’re adding over 50 products to our shop! We’ll soon have better variety to choose from and more from brands like Strike King, River2Sea, Z-Man, and many more.

Save You $$$

Tackle isn’t cheap, we know that firsthand. So, we’re always looking for opportunities to save you money as you fill your tackle boxes. With this in mind, we’re launching a new, online club membership to give customers access to deep discounts, exclusive blowout sales, and other benefits to help you save.

Discover New Products

Mystery Tackle Box won’t be the only way to discover new fishing products on our site anymore. We’ll have a rotating selection of hand-picked products available for purchase that are brand new, cutting edge, or just flat out going to catch you fish.

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