Here’s What Happened When We Tried Mystery Tackle Box PRO For Just $12.50

Mike “Ike” Iaconelli:

I’ve been a pro angler for more than 20 years, and because of that I’ve always been fortunate to receive lures and other products or services from sponsors and various companies in the industry.  I’ve seen a lot of amazing innovations, new techniques, and awesome new services launch.  As a pro angler, and with sponsors of my podcast, Ike Live, I get to partner with some of the biggest and best names in the fishing industry.

Last year Mystery Tackle Box became the title sponsor for The IkeLive Show. I have to admit when I first heard about Mystery Tackle Box, I was a little skeptical. I thought “what if they just pack up a box of off brand or overstock items from low quality manufacturers?”  

Well let me tell you something, this box has impressed me from the very first one I received. I’ve been getting MTB PRO for over a year now, and it does not disappoint!

“You’re getting baits you would never try on your own, forcing you to try out and learn new techniques that work!”

I’m always excited to see the box show up every month in the Ike Live studio, and we love checking out all the great tackle.  They partner with tons of premium brands and the really great thing is that it forces you to try new stuff.  That lure you’ve seen online or seen on the wall at the big retail store, but were afraid to buy, it’s in the box for 40% off the retail price.  Now you can try new techniques, new products, without worry. Another thing I love is that I never get the same products twice, they really do a good job of mixing it up and they also always send baits that are appropriate for the season.

Our last box:

  • Z-Man Project Z ShroomZ Micro Finesse Jig – $4.99
  • ZMan CrusteaZ – $4.49
  • Jenko Spinnerbait – $6.99
  • Net Bait Baby Mad Paca – $4.49
  • LIVETARGET Hunt for Center Crawfish Crank – $12.49
  • River2Sea Double Plopper –  $17.84

Every box also includes:

  • The Dibble Digest Magazine with tips and tricks articles
  • A sticker with an exclusive design

Total retail value over $45!

Can you believe all of this for only $25.00! (and if you use code IKELIVE you’ll get 50% off your first PRO box)

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Pete “The Dean” Gluszek:

My first impression of this box is that it’s like Christmas for a fisherman. I wish it was every week to be honest.  My son is constantly taking my MTB as soon as it gets delivered. You get a ton of new baits, and a great variety, including soft plastics, hard baits, terminal tackle, and more. As the Dean of Bass University, I know how important it is to expose anglers to new products and get them out of their comfort zone to learn new techniques.  It always comes with the bait card to tell you what each item is, and how much you’d pay if you bought it from a retail store.  Along with all that, you get an in box magazine, the Dibble Digest, which has tips and articles for how to use the baits, and links to youtube videos for each of the baits to see how they work. This service is the perfect way to stay true to our motto as Bass U, “Never Stop Learning”.

Brian “The Carpenter” Stockl:

I’ve been an MTB Member for 3 years now!  This service is amazing for me because as a hard working average guy I don’t always have time to shop for new baits or research new fishing products that are on the market. Getting this box means that when the weekend rolls around, you’d better believe I’ll be spending more time on the water instead of wasting time shopping for new baits.  Plus these are not off brand or overstock baits, these are brand new, top quality baits and tackle from the most premium manufacturers on the market. I’m talking LiveTarget, ZMAN, Lucky Craft, and more.  You also get products from high quality small manufacturers that you might have never come across had it not been for the Mystery Tackle Box. Who knows, you might even find your next “go-to” confidence bait!


All we can say is that you gotta give this a try. If you haven’t subscribed before, try it, we promise you won’t be disappointed. You’re going to get a great deal on your first box, so there’s no risk, and you can cancel anytime. Give it a shot and you’ll be stocking your tackle box with more quality baits than you could have imagined, and catching more fish in no time!

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