The Best Holiday Fishing Gifts For Any Fisherman: 2020 Edition

The holidays are here again and finding the perfect fishing gift is not always easy…until now and we’re happy to help! Mystery Tackle Box is the perfect fishing gift for the fisherman in your life. Each month, your favorite angler will receive a box full of the latest fishing lures selected by our team of experts along with detailed information on how to use each of the lures.

fishing gift 2019
Mystery Tackle Boxes come in multiple options and sizes to help fit the needs of almost any angler.

The lures we feature are from top name brands as well as the newest companies to hit the market with high quality and innovative products. 

Anglers are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of fishing lures available in the market today so finding new products they like requires a lot of trial and error and it can get quite expensive so we take the guesswork out of picking the best fishing lures each month.

Mystery Tackle Box has tens of thousands of subscribers across the US and Canada and our gift certificates can be printed or emailed along with a custom gift message for that favorite fisherman in your life.

Why This Fishing Gift?

Mystery Tackle Box is the fishing gift that brings months of excitement to any fisherman. The excitement of catching a fish is unmatched, although you can now bring that same excitement found on the water to your front door each month with a Mystery Tackle Box. Our monthly boxes of fishing lures have exceeded the expectations of the world’s most dedicated fishermen.

What sets us apart is the quality of the products we feature and the value that we deliver. Our boxes help anglers save up to 30% off retail pricing. Plus the service is incredibly fun and many of our subscribers say “it’s like Christmas every month!”

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